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I Accuse-: The Anti-Sikh Violence of 1984 The Unanswered Questions, The Justice Delayed, The Unbearable Memories The Three Days Of When Over Sikhs Were Slaughtered, Have Indelibly Marked The Lives Of Thousands Who Continue To Exist In A Twilight Of Bitterness And Despair It Was Outrage At This State Of Affairs That Led Jarnail Singh, An Unassuming, Law Abiding Journalist, To Throw His Shoe At Home Minister P Chidambaram During A Press Conference In New Delhi He Readily Acknowledges That This Was Not An Appropriate Means Of Protest, But Asks Why, Twenty Five Years After The Massacres, So Little Has Been Done To Address The Issues That Are Still Unresolved And Unanswered And A Source Of Anguish To The Whole Community Who Initiated The Pogrom And Why Why Did The State Apparatus Allow It To Happen Why, Despite The Many Commissions And Committees Set Up To Investigate The Events, Have The Perpetrators Not Been Brought To Book I Accuse Is A Powerful And Passionate Indictment Of The State S Response To The Killings Of It Explores The Chain Of Events, The Survivors Stories And The Continuing Shadow It Casts Over Their Lives Because, Finally, Was Not An Attack On The Sikh Community Alone It Was An Attack On The Idea At The Very Core Of Democracy That Every Citizen, Irrespective Of Faith And Community, Has A Right To Life, Liberty And Security

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    31st October 1984 I am unlikely to forget that date, ever We were having semester exams and coming out of the exam hall, the news hit me like a sledgehammer our Prime Minis

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    Merely just 176 pages, this book has the power to move its reader Having read Durbar and other books on Independent India, I had no high hopes from this book but I was happy to be pr

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    Remember the journalist who threw a shoe at PC Chidambram at a press conference a few years ago That journalist, Jarnail Singh, is the author of this book He was just an 11 year old kid, a res

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    This was a journal of heart wrenching events from a series of incidents that should have never happened in a secular country.These tales of state sponsored daylight murders are extremely disturbing and

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    The 1984 violence against Sikhs is a blot on India s face and indeed, the travesties faced by hundreds of Sikh families were shameful for our society That is why, when i started reading this book, expectations we

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    because the truth needs to be told.

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    A book that should have been written earlier than this Though I Accuse is not a perfect account of all the sides of the violence, it definitely tells you about the suppressed side in detail And since the book throws light on many su

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    I just had little information of what had happened in 1984, sikhs will killed , no arrests were made , many died etc etc but didnot have even slightest idea of what victims had gone through at that time after that. I had goosebumps literaly w

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    Jarnail Singh s researched account of the 1984 anti Sikh violence Gives narratives of various families that were adversely affected because of the massacre Factual, but a bit unstructured and incoherent.

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    The book is truly an eye opener in terms of the accounts of individuals who went through the horrendous atrocities committed in collusion with the state Jarnail Singh s frustration and pent up anger at the injustice meted out to the community as a whole come out

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