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Hymns for the Drowning The Poems In This Book Are Some Of The Earliest About Visnu, One Of The Hindu Trinity, Also Known As Tirumal, The Dark OneTradition Recognizes Twelve Alvars, Saint Poets Devoted To Visnu, Who Lived Between The Sixth And Ninth Century In The Tamil Speaking Region Of South India These Devotees Of Visnu And Their Counterparts, The Devotees Of Siva Nayanmar , Changed And Revitalized Hinduism And Their Devotional Hymns Addressed To Visnu Are Among The Earliest Bhakti Devotional Texts In Any Indian LanguageIn This Selection From Nammalvar S Works, The Translations Like The Originals Reflect The Alternations Of Philosophic Hymns And Love Poems, Through Recurring Voices, Roles And Places They Also Enact A Progression From Wonder At The Lord S Works, To The Experience Of Loving Him And Watching Others Love Him, To Moods Of Questioning And Despair And Finally To The Experience Of Being Devoured And Possessed By Him

About the Author: Nammalvar

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hymns for the Drowning book, this is one of the most wanted Nammalvar author readers around the world.

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    Nammalvar was one of the twelve Alvars, well known for his many hymns on devotion to Vishnu Tradition gives him the date 3102 B.C i.e., the beginning of the kali yuga He was born in the asterism Visakham, in what is now Alwarthirunagiri also known as Tirukkurugur , Tamil Nadu His name means our own alvar alvar means one immersed in God He was also known as Maran and Satakopan.He must have been born fully enlightened because as a

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    Bhakti poetry is that sublime set of poems that those who are really divinely inspired can write and enjoy And this selection of Bhakti poems are absolute gems taken as samples from that vast treasure trove There are quite a lot of verses that have touched my heart, left me dewy eyed I just loved this anthology It s ever too hard to translate poems and especially those poems that contain in them oceans of emotions and devotion It

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    This is an incredible selection of poems from the writings of Nammalvar, one of the iconic 12 Alwar Saints in the Sri Vaishnava Tradition of Tamil Nadu It is so, so difficult to translate the literary nuances of Tamil, but Ramanujan manages to do it with such inimitable flair It is clear that he has a great respect for the language as well as the sheer emotion of Bhakti Nammalvar is one of the greatest poets of this country, and I a

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    Although the book has a few great poems, it feels quite dry to read Many metaphors and similes must have been lost in translation For example, the metaphor dark as the sea has been used multiple times in the translation, but I am not quite sure if the original meant dark as the bottom of the sea.

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    This is the kind of book you can read in an hour but the endnotes appendix section will keep you occupied for much longer, if you care about all those details And they are pretty necessary to understand some of whats going on poetically, if you dont understand Tamil.

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    Great poems, but the Ramanujan s afterword is what you read this book for.

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    syair Nammalvar memuja Vishnu, sangat berpengaruh di selatan India.

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    A great book on one of the foremost alwars nammalwar and his verses.

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    The afterword is what the book is worth for where the author atempts to explain trace a mosaic of esoteric philosophy.

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    Beautiful poetry I loved it It s crazy how they can reference these huge stories in just a few lines Love poetry was very touching as well.

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