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Holiday Dreams (Magic Bunny, #2) Short and sweet Perfect for children, and adults who ve not yet lost their childlike sense of wonder , and for bunny lovers, of course I thought it was a wonderful story And a beautiful cover I thought it was an adorable book.I loved the part where the sparkles came out of the laundry machine It was so fun to read.I like the name of the bo Best Ebook, Holiday Dreams Magic Bunny, 2 Author Sue Bentley This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Holiday Dreams Magic Bunny, 2 , Essay By Sue Bentley Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You For the full racism call out, see my review on volume 3 of the series I m not going into that this time Well, maybe I will, but not as much.Becky with the privilege doesn t understand how others could live differently from how she lives her Lexus lifestyle It only gets her into minor trouble.I especially liked the part where the coffee colored rabbit got scared of the bed sheets Nice Another cute tween novel Perfect for little girls who love cute bunnies and magic Simple and easy to read. 3.5 stars Super cute I loved the ending yes that s right, I bought the magic bunny book at the checkout, and I then read it, too cute story, even if largely without substance. My 6 years old daughter fell in love with these magic bunny book s She already loved the magic kitten book s but I wasn t sure if she would like the bunnies since she thought the puppies ponies series where just ok She said that this is one of her new faves She loves Arrow just as much as she loves Flame Santa b This book contained terrible and damaging racist undertones that are inappropriate for children The prologue and early chapters depict a sort or race war between white and dark bunnies There is a clear theme of pure white good while the fierce, dark bunnies are bad theives I went so far as to comp In this volume, it is revealed that the privileged white bunnies who live in paradise offered the evil black bunnies the opportunity to join them and live on their land, but the black bunnies refused, preferring the goal of improving their own land through magic so that they could live as well as the white bunnies without having to assimilate into another culture that they do not choose This is the source of the tension between the two groups.The offer was presented in such a way as to demonize the black bunnies further We gave them the opportunity to join is, so it s not our fault they turned us down But instead, it simply highlights the white bunnies unwillingness to help if it is not on their terms The magic key is secreted away again to hide it from the black bunnies, but the wild, undisciplined way in which its magic is used only proves that there is plenty of magic to go around Instead of hiding it, why not pass it back and forth The whole conceit of this narrative is that the white bunnies only need the key for a moment every few weeks to keep their land verdant It would clearly cost them nothing to let the black bunnies use it in the meantime again only for a moment every few weeks And even if magic is limited, isn t the idea of all bunnies living in a land of average fertility preferable to half the bunnies living in Elysium and the other half in Hades But no No, in this world, the dark bunnies are hated, not

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