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Holding Hannah (Masters of the Castle, #1) Welcome To The Castle.Hannah Alder Used To Know Who She Was She Used To Be Strong, Have Confidencethen The Thing Happened, And Suddenly Hannah Seems To Have Lost Everything Including Herself.Freshly Released From Her Father S Hospital, She Is Banished From Home, Sent To Live With An Uncle Who Puts Her To Work For The Summer, Interning Under The Chief Building Inspector In A Small Ohio Town No One Knows Her, Yet Somehow Everyone Seems To Know Exactly Why She S There.It S While On The Job That Hannah First Discovers The Castle, A Massive Stone Structure Set In The Wheat Fields Of Ohio It S Soon To Be THE Vacation Destination For The Kink Inclinedif The Doms Who Run It Can Ever Get It Properly Permitted And Licensed, But Hannah S Nasty Boss Is Determined That That Will Never Happen While On An Inspection Visit, One Dom In Particular Catches Hannah S Eye Master Sam Strong, Dark, Wickedly Attractive, Every Inch Of Him The Very Last Thing Someone Like Hannah Needs In Her Life.Sam Cooper Sees Hannah Coming A Mile Away, Tripping On Her High Heels In A Poorly Fitted Business Suit, Girl Friday To The Building Inspector Who S Determined To Shut Them Down Before They Even Open Sam Is Experienced In The BDSM World, A Partner In A Major Kink Friendly Resort Definitely Not His First Rodeo Yet What He Sees In Hannah S Astonished Eyes As He Gives Her A Private Tour Of The Castle Makes Him Do Something He Can T Believe He Slips Her His Business Card.Will Hannah Call Of Course Not Not When She S Working So Hard To Get Get Back Everything She S Lost She S Getting Better After All Sometimes What You Fight The Hardest, Is What You Need The Most Holding Hannah Is The First Book In Maren Smith S New Masters Of The Castles Series.

About the Author: Maren Smith

I have been writing since I was 12 Most of what I do is spanking romances, but I also dabble in paranormal, urban fantasy and dark fantasy I have a variety of pen names with each name representing a specific genre of story Penny Alley paranormal mainstream romances , Denise Hall bdsm and Darla Phelps adult age play pet play, a sub genre of bdsm , and Maren Smith spanking romances.

10 thoughts on “Holding Hannah (Masters of the Castle, #1)

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    What the hell did I just readI fell down the dark, kink rabbit hole with this book It was everything and nothing that I expected Let me explain When I read the blurb, I just knew that I had to read this book It has been awhile since I have read a kink romance novel, and I loved the concept of this book I mean, two Doms trying to open a BDSM resort castle

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    SoI knew this was going to be short I knew it was the prequel to the start of the series I didn t know that the character and plot development were going to be so skimpy, and that it would be a lot edgier than I expected.Smith does a creditable job of bringing you into the story, meeting the characters, and setting up the conflict, but after that it wobbles arou

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    Well, this wasdifferent.A story about BDSM in which no actual sex takes place In many ways, the majority of this novella was all build up to something that the reader doesn t even get to experience The actual event happens off camera as it were and is mentioned briefly before the story is very quickly wrapped up I have to say, up until the last 10 or so pages, i was en

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    This was actually a 3.5 read for me It was a short, sweet, quick read, with a little sadness mixed in for Hannah It would have been a solid 4 star, but where it lost that.5 rating was actually twofold The reader is lead up to a certain point, an expected scene between the two main characters. then. nothing It moves forward without even telling us what happened while it was ha

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    As an introduction to the Masters of the Castle series, this story worked quite well We get the background for the amazing BDSM fantasy resort that was brought over from Scotland piece by piece and assembled in an Ohio field and an introduction to several of the central characters In my opinion the story was too short to deal effectively with the complex and very serious subject mat

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    New series introduction and man was it great There are lots of great strong characters and I can t wait to read all of their stories Hannah is hurting and she gets exactly what she needs A well written story that draws you in.

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    For not having actual intercourse this book was great will read the next now that I found a good D s author

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    FINDING HERSELF The story is an emotional roller coast ride, and it takes just the right person to see through the scars and heal the soul crying out for release Hannah will learn what it is like to fly free without judgment, disappointing looks, and disgust The story is the beginning of the Masters of the Castle series with Hannah Alder and Sam Cooper The plot of the story will have Hannah working with

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    A brilliant startI accidentally read three of these books out of order, so number one has come third The stories are sexy and steamy and also have the safe, sane and consensual banner in them Hannah and Sam are the couple in this book and Sam knows exactly what Hannah needs to fulfi...

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    Hannah has been exiled to Ohio in disgrace after cutting herself so much she almost died Sam, along with four friends, has poured all they have into opening The Castle, an exclusive BDSM pleasure resort Sam sees something in Hannah that calls to his Dominance Her natural submissive nat...

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