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Her Colton Lawman (The Coltons: Return to Wyoming #2) Epub Her Colton Lawman The Coltons Return To Wyoming 2 Carla Cassidy Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Catch Up With The Crime Fighting Coltons Witnessing A Murder Plunges Nina Owens Into Nerve Shattering Danger Police Chief Flint Colton Is Sure The Perp Is Taking Down Witnesses, So The Handsome Cop Orders Nina Into Protective Custody In His Home And While She S Grateful To Him, Nina Just Can T Shake Her Deep Distrust Of Police But All That Falls Away When Flint S Scintillating Kiss Awakens Something Deep Within Her As Thanksgiving Approaches With Dead River Quarantined, The Search For A Missing Child Puts Nina And The Killer On A Collision Course She Knows Flint Is Haunted By A Past Failure To Save A Witness And That He Ll Put Himself In The Line Of Fire Before He Ever Lets Her Down.

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    Nina Owens owns a diner in the small quarantined town of Dead River She hates cops.Police Chief Flint Colton is attracted to the cheerful and pretty Nina, but has always noticed that she is a bit cold with him, so he never pursued this attraction in any way.One night when Nina is driving some food over to a sick neighbor, she witnesses a woman being strangled to death When she reports

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is book two in a trilogy Oops When it begins, several story strands are already in motion The town of Dead River is under quarantine because of a mystery virus that is killing people.Jimmy Johnson seduced Molly Colton and took off with all her money, plus a family heirloom ring, and is now on the run.Hank B

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    Loved this book The action and suspense were nonstop right from the beginning and the relationship between Flint and Nina was great As the book starts, Dead River is still under quarantine, the murderer is still on the loose, and the man who stole a priceless heirloom ring is also still missing Flint has his hands full trying to keep peace in the town while searching for the fugitives The only m

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    This is a series I have read other books in the series and really enjoyed This book however I didn t really care for I loved the characters They seemed real, and pulled me into this storyline This book had a lot going on in one story line The whole town was in a quarantine No one can come into the town, and no one can leave They have a virus that has caused people to die The whole town is scared and

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    Great book I loved that there was enough suspense romance in the book to keep things interesting I loved the connection between Nina and Flint I loved that Nina remained optimistic even when things didn t seem to go right I loved the amount of love and care Nina had for Billy I can t wait to see what happens next What s great about this series is that each book is stand alone but I would recommend reading

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    Originally reviewed for Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy.Her Colton Lawman is book two in the Harlequin Divergent Series, The Coltons Return to Wyoming Book one, A Secret Colton Baby, was written by Karen Whiddon.What is a Divergent Series It s series written by multiple authors In the past I have read some of these by well known authors and have had fun with them Each of those books would share the t

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    Life in Death River has almost halted because of a deadly virus that has taken lives but there is also a murder on the run and another woman is dead.So it s been a week since a murder escaped and a deputy was left seriously hurt Dr Lucas Rand has not been able to find a cure for this deadly virus that has killed people including his ex wife Flint s grandmother has also caught this virus and is in coma but stable CD

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    Her Colton Lawman is by Carla Cassidy and is one of The Colton s Return to Wyoming It is a romantic suspense I really love the Colton series and haven t read a bad one at all I admire Carla for being able to keep up the excellence while she writes so many books about the same family I just love this book It is exciting and suspenseful The romance is hard to get going which makes itinteresting Nina Owens owns and runs th

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    4 STARSThis is a series that the stories are written by different authors continue the overall story arc This one has a couple of plot lines going on The major plot line is their is a virus in the small Wyoming town of Dead River that is killing people The town is in quarantine They can not get in or out of the area They do not know why or how the virus is passed around or what will cure it.The Colton s grandmother is one of

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    The chilling undertones of the story based on the circumstances of the town are contrasted with the budding romance creating a unique and impacting mix There are so many layers to this story that you re always on your toes, wondering what will happen next and getting lost in this enchanting story The passage of time is easily marked without rushing the reader or breaking the intensity of the story I really appreciate the fact tha

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