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Heat of the Night (Dream Guardians, #2) From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Bared To YouStacey Daniels Has Always Been Attracted To The Wrong Type Of Man And She Knows In Her Heart The Virile, Wounded Viking At Her Front Doorstep Will Certainly Be No Exception A Vision From Her Most Secret Erotic Fantasies A Glorious God Of A Man He Excites Her With His Tantalizing Aura Of Dangerous Sensuality Stacey Knows In The Deepest Depths Of Her Soul That Submission Will Bring Unforeseen Peril Into Her Life, And Yet She Is Helpless To Resist Him For He Is A Master Of Decadent Pleasures And Sweet Sensuality And All She Has Ever Wished ForBut Loving Conor Carries A Burden That No Mortal Woman Can Bear Though He Finds Solace In Stacey S Passion And The Warmth Of Her Welcoming Body, His True Realm Is One Of Darkest Dreams, Torn By Violence And Strife, That Is Now Following Him Into Stacey S World Non mi tirer indietro Se speri che accetter di comportarmi da gentiluomo, ti sbagliLa ribellione del corpo delle guardie nel Crepuscolo continua.Il capitano Cross ha deciso di abbandonarlo per sempre per stare con la donna che ama, Lyssa Bates, la dolce veterinaria che la Chiave della profezia degli Anziani, per proteggerla da ogni pericolo e cercare alcuni preziosi oggetti magici che sono utili per rivelare i segreti del suo mondo Ma il resto dei suoi uomini continuano la loro lotta guidati dal suo secondo, il comandante Connor Bruce, che per proprio per mettere in guardia il suo migliore amico da un grave pericolo costretto anche lui a lasciare il Crepuscolo e andare nella California del Sud nel mondo degli umani.Alla ricerca di Aidan si reca a casa di Lyssa dove trova la sua amica e assistente Stacey Daniels, mamma separata in costante lotta contro il padre di suo figlio Lei si ritrova davanti sulla porta di casa un magnifico vichingo con lo stesso strano accento di Aidan, una spada a tracolla e un impellente desiderio di dormire Un po perplessa lo fa entrare in casa e avverte Lyssa e Aidan del suo arrivo Quando Connor si risveglia, trova ancora Stacey in casa e tra i due attrazione istantanea, tanto che si abbandonano presto nelle braccia l uno dell altra Connor sa che tra di loro una relazione sarebbe difficile e lei ormai disincantata e non crede pi al lieto fine, ma non riescono a stare lontani e ben presto l attrazione diventa qualcosa di pi profondo La strisciante minaccia proveniente dal Crepuscolo per trova presto le due coppie che insieme dovranno affrontare un pericoloso nemico.Prima di leggere questo libro mi sono rinfrescata la storia del precedente capitolo della serie e sono andata a rivedere la mia recensione fatta ormai due anni fa, ammetto che ero stata scarsa con la votazione, probabilmente infastidita dal finale tronco di I piaceri della notte, ma vi devo dire che questi due libri vanno letti di seguito Un po perch la trama fantasy complessa e articolata e poi perch alcune delle cose rimaste in sospeso dal primo capitolo qui vengono almeno in parte spiegate.Attenzione per Di questa serie manca ancora il terzo capitolo, che sua Maest Sylvia Day ancora non ha scritto, e quindi non stupitevi se anche alla fine di questo la trama fantasy non sar terminata e l unica cosa che si conclude il lieto fine per la coppia protagonista, esattamente come era successo nel precedente libro Lo stile dell autrice qui meno grezzo rispetto al primo capitolo, ma comunque evidentissimo il talento narrativo e la peculiare capacit di ricreare atmosfere torride e sensuali che la caratteristica principale della Day come autrice anche nel genere fantasy Ho apprezzato molto la storia d a qui narrata, e ancora di pi il proseguire delle vicende che fanno da filo conduttore.Continua a leggere su crazyforrmance This is Book 2 in the seriesI enjoyed this book probably so than the first one The second installment of this series has a lot action and in general I found the plot to be much interesting.I like it when authors write books and include the previous characters in the sequals The Connor and Stacey characters were completely different from the Alyssa and Aiden characters which I was happy about because there was no repeating.Admittadly, part of myself wondered how a love em n leave em kind of guy like conor could fall in love so quickly This wouldnt really happen but Sylvia s style of writing always has her characters progressing this quickly I like Stacey s character she is a tough woman, trying to provide for her and her son and this book shows you a side of her who is not just a mum but a woman She battles with herself trying to convince herself that she doesnt need to fall for yet another bad boy clearly her restraint fails lol.Conor is a sexy, bad boy who charms her knickers off literally However, he ends up surprising us by actually falling for stacey, making romantic gestures and putting his feelings out there on a platter I also loved seeing how Aidan and Lyssa s relationship has been developing since the end of the 1st book. Ok.So I definitely liked this book better than the first, however, it still had it s down sides While Aidan and Lyssa are still an obvious part of the book, the focus switches to Stacey and Connor Aidan and Lyssa s best friends Of course a hot and heavy romance ensues between them as well I like Connor s character better than Aidan He is even gruff and arrogant than Aidan, if you can believe it, which I find sexy The language was still unnecessarily raunchy, but by the second book, you kind of get used to it Stacey was real to me as a person She was a single mother, struggling with the past relationship with her ex She actually had intelligent, conflicting emotions about Connor Their sex life was steamy, even though their first encounter together bordered on rape in my mind I feel like Day was trying too hard to be sexy and emotional Hard core emotional attachments develop too quickly in this book to be believable The characters lack a background, or history that help you fully understand, love or hate them.The whole theme of the key and the secret are yet a mystery We find out who Lyssa really is but the reason for the whole conflict is still unresolved Perhaps there will be a third book to sum it all up All in all, I feel a bit unfulfilled If you re looking for a quick read to pass your time, this is fine If you re looking for an in depth story to get wrapped up in, not the book for you I fear I have forever been ruined by the 50 series and nothing will ever compare. Heat of the Night If Quick Escalation is your thing Read full review at things are getting interesting, sort of I did not enjoy the plot in the first book as much as I could have if the book was longer and detailed, so now with the second book I got a bit of what I wanted But there still was not enough pages devoted to the plot and explanation of the worlds Maybe I have to high of a standard with Adult Paranormal Romance, but this could be so much intriguing if lust and sex was toned down a bit.Romance Hotness One word, silly They have some good banter and small moments that could create a connection, but not enough time.Here s the relationship in short Bow chicka wow wow Go away Bake a pie bow chicka wow wow x3 You crazy I love you.All in 246 pages Did I buy it Nah..They managed to cramp in way to much bed action A real humporama No build up but just straight to business In short, I closed the book and went Well, that escalated quickly This book got a bit meat on its bones and was a bit fun than the first book so it will get 3,5 stars If you put the two books together you ll might end up with one decent first book But the writing does not have me panting for the next one And speaking of the next book I feel sad The series just got a little better and there is no set time for book 3, if there even will be one This has happened a lot with Sylvia Days books due to her not working with publishers to the series any. spolier alert Heat of the Night is the 2nd book in the Dream Guardians series I loved the first book so much its on my desert island keeper shelf and I go to it when I need a really good romantic, erotic read.I can t say the same about its sequel.Heat s characters are Connor Aidan s best friend from book 1 and Stacey Lyssa s secretary from book 1 First of all there was no chemistry None To me it felt forced and not real at all Yes, I realize this is fiction and paranormal fiction at that, but come on, work with me here Connor is a definite alpha male, love em and leave em type of guy who hates this new world of Earth and only came to save his commander Aidan and help his fellow soldiers He meets Stacey and is instantly attracted to her and within a day is hopelessly in love with her Stacey is a woman who has been dealt a tough hand in life and is trying to do her best to keep her head above water and have a good life She always falls for the bad boy type and Connor is no exception to that rule But her tough outer shell comes across as bitchy and mouthy rather than tough and spunky And the final kicker which is almost always a book killer for me she has a kid Granted her son is 14 and only IN the book for a few chapters but he plays an integral part in the storyline between Connor and Stacey and therefore, kind of ruins it for me All this coupled along with the obligatory but much despised I m leaving you because its safer than being with you crap really turned this sequel into a less than stellar read.Its obvious that there is to be yet another sequel so I would say read it just so you know what s going on which is alot but its not keeper shelf material in any sense of the word. De naam Sylvia Day zal de meeste onder jullie al meteen aan erotiek doen denken De schrijfster werd immers bekend door haar Crossfire saga Bij deze bekende boeken speelt het verhaal zich af in een hedendaagse wereld, terwijl drie andere boeken van haar net in een historische setting plaatsvinden Ook las ik van haar eerder al de Marked serie n die past dan weer in het Paranormal Romance genre Ook dit boek n de serie waar het deel van uitmaakt horen in deze categorie thuis.Ondanks die verschillende tijdstippen en werelden is erotiek altijd de gemeenschappelijke factor Ook bij deze serie is dat het geval Nachtelijke ontmoeting, het eerste boek uit deze reeks leek in mijn ogen zelfs voornamelijk op een opsomming van vrijsc nes terwijl het verhaal ver te zoeken leek Het boek wist me niet te overtuigen en ik begon dan ook met gemengde gevoelens aan Nachtelijk vuur.Het verhaal blijft nog steeds uiterst luchtig n erotiek is overduidelijk het belangrijkste ingredi nt in deze serie Af en toe doet het schijnbaar onuitputtelijke uithoudingsvermogen van de beschermers me zelfs aan het bekende Duracell konijn denken Toch beviel dit boek me beter dan zijn voorganger Waarschijnlijk deels doordat ik mijn verwachtingen al wat had aangepast maar ook doordat er meer aandacht leek te zijn voor de schemerzone waar de Dromenbeschermers vandaan komen.Mijn volledige recensie kan je hier terugvinden. I loved the first book of this series The story of Aidan and Lyssa was wonderful in the 1st book The 2nd book i thought it would be mostly about them again I was happily suprised that we got some of their story, but we also got to see a side of Conner Conner is a dream nightmare warrior just like Adian Conner is sent to the real world to warn Adain of the things that they have discovered by breaking into the Elders temple Conner makes his way to Lyssa s house to fins that they are not home But Lyssa s best friend Stacey is who opens the door for Connor They are both taken back by the attraction b t them The passion feelings that Connor has for Stacey he wasn t ready for But after listening to all that Adian has Connor actually wants LOVE.Then of course the plot thickensStacey s boy is kidnapped And of course Connor comes to the rescue Can t wait for the next book. Oh wow..I have just finished this book and I m still wanting I loved the connection between Aidan and Lyssa in the first book Pleasures of the Night and when I started reading Heat of the Night I thought it would be mainly about them again and so started out feeling a bit disappointed when it was focusing on Connor and Stacey but I was so wrong I felt connected to these characters just as much and fell in love with how these guys fell so utterly for their loves Plus I wasn t disappointed when Aidan and Lyssa were still an important part to this story too When I found out that Sheron has a half mortal daughter I m wondering is this Lyssa Plus after Sheron kills Wager and Stacey talks about how Wager is still coming to her in her dreams and telling her to write things down well obviously this must be Sheron doing this some how I had to hold my breath through out the rest of the book cause I was so worried some how he might get Stace to kill Connor And wasn t that proposal just romantic.Loved it.Wondering though..there has to be another book after this cause there is still so many unanswered questions. I LOVED THIS BOOK LOVED IT I am so glad I still got to read about Aidan and Lyssa, but Connor Wow He is just divine Even though Connor and Stacey s relationship forms VERY quickly, it s easy to see how Connor has been in Aidan s dream so have all of his thoughts feelings memories in him He has never felt the need for love, but after feeling what Aidan feels for Lyssa, he wants it for himself.The story line in this one was a little exciting with mystery and action than the first one I still have so many questions that need answers, and I love when a book has that effect on it s reader As far fetched as the main story is, I love that it s still easy to read and follow Sylvia Day is simply amazing

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