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Healing Our Violence through the Journey of Centering Prayer Two Internationally Known Spiritual Guides Explore Integrating Our Inner And Outer Journeys They Challenge Us To Confront Our Inner And Social Violence And Bring It To Healing And Transformation In A Sacred And Ecumenical Context In A Spiritually Stimulating Weekend, Rohr And Keating Each Gave Insights On Awakening To God S Friendship, Coming To Know God And Ourselves, Growing In Love Through Centering Prayer, Facing Evil Around Us And Our Demons Within Us As Well As Opening Our Deep Selves To Divine Therapy, Which Heals Our Wounds They Invite Us To Become Who We Already Are These Conferences Will Appeal To Those Beginning And Those Seasoned In Centering Prayer The Deep Wisdom Of Two Spiritual Masters Is A Sacred And Transforming Gift Plunging Us Into The Ocean Of Divinity That Surrounds Us

10 thoughts on “Healing Our Violence through the Journey of Centering Prayer

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    excellent repeatedly worth listening to it takes time to take in all of the pearls of wisdom in this cd collection from two smart rcc presenters.

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    Enlightening and challenging A worthwhile trip into hope.

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    No sugar coating our path to transformation.Healing happens first within you One cannot go out and be a source of healing to another unless one first looks within Only then can our true self surface.Richard Rohr and Thomas Keating help us name our demons The only problem is as Christians we pretty much believe that we don t have

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    Series of four lectures from each of the authors OK, but not as good as I expected.

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    This book was not at all what I expected It was like a conference or a sermon A few highlights to consider reconnecting with being, immorality is a great gateway to holiness, we come to God not by doing it right but by doing it wrong, interrupt your psychological awareness by closing your eyes There are several different people speaking on the per

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    Loved it I ve been reading Rohr s books and listening to his lectures for years His teachings, explanations, conclusions, etc have utterly transformed my understanding of the God, Christianity, the purpose of our lives, and the twists and turns of the spiritual journey I read Fr Keating s Open Heart Open Mind years ago and was blown away I still revisit this

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    An outstanding exploration of contemplative prayer and the heart of all traditions

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