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Hannah Tiny Paul Van Eysink Was A Very Special Case To Nurse Hannah Lang, And She Had Become Very Fond Of His Young Parents, Corinna And Paul When They Invited Her To Go Back With Them To Holland Until The Baby Was Completely Recovered, Hannah Was Only To Happy To Oblige The Problem Was Corinna S Unbending Uncle, Doctor Valentijn Van Bertes He Could Find No Fault With Hannah S Nursing Skills But She Was Only Too Well Aware That She Meant Little To Him As A Person Why Should She He Had A Very Lovely Fiancee In Nerissa

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    4.5 stars for Hannah I enjoyed this book so much that I rank it in the Top Ten Best ever written by Betty Neels.Though the book follows the typical BN storyline, it had a slightly different feel and I found it refreshing I think Betty penned some wonderful characters that distinguishes this book from the rest.First, Hannah was great and I fell in love with her on the very first page She was smart, f

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    Yes, I m still binging on Betty Neels They are so safe and samey but in a good way Hannah is a nurse, looking after baby Paul, the son of Valentijn s niece He s newly engaged to Nerissa after years of loneliness after a failed first marriage These men just don t learn.One really has to wonder about Betty s experience of family life because her heroine s are often orphan s or have the most appalling mothe

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Hannah is the typical plain PBN She works in the Paediatric ward and when our story opens, is looking after a Dutch infant whose young mum was in a wreck and which presumably caused said infant s premature birth Hannah has heard mum Corinna rhapsodize about her Oom Valentijn Uncle Valentine for English speakers When Hannah finally

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    This book I enjoyed from start to finish, I liked the h Hannah but the H Valentijn took a few pages for me to warm up to him, I did like when Hannah told him what she thought of him when she overheard him saying not so nice words about her to his niece.The ow I did enjoy and as usual she wasn t the brightest lol and for once I would like the h to actually do something rather than just walk away when the ow causes.

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    Sick baby as plot device not quite as low as Betty can sink, but pretty close Seemed like anytime there was a lull in the action, poor little Paul got sick At least our Betty didn t kill him off Otherwise a fairly standard British Nurse Rich Dutch Doctor story The minor characters were fairly well done, especially little Paul s parents Nerissa the requisite beautiful financee of the RDD was deliciously rotten and I wan

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    3.5 Star read for me. It s always so nice to read any Betty Neel s books and this one is one of my favorite storylines she does h takes care of H s family member, he is cold towards her indifferent and has this beautiful fiancee It all works out in the end though I just wish these bo...

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    A good love story always has a good love rival and Betty Neel s has a wonderful way I making you want to slap her This story was no acceptance, Hannah has a heart of Golden and loves Children when she bec...

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    Perhaps typical BN RDD, plain but beautiful inside BN and a bitchy OW But fun to read and Valentjin redeems himself admirably and Hannah is sweet yet feisty.

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    Betty writes some of the most selfish, spoiled secondary characters in romance novels I really didn t know who wasevil, Val s bit fiance or Hannah s mother Well, Hannah s mom got her cake and ate it too She had a slave for a daughter until she married the uber rich doctor who promised his wife to be that her mom would live in comfort This is a woman who was mostly lounging on the couch w...

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    Well, 3 stars is enough for this novel I hate both Nerrisa and Hannah s mother Especially the mother, I can t think why there is a mother such like Mrs Lang, so selfish and rude even to her own and only daughter.The story Well, a bit too bori...

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