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Halfway Home Weakened By AIDS, Artist Tom Shaheen Retreats To A Remote California Beach To Come To Terms With His Illness And His Life, Until His Estranged Brother, Brian, Comes Back Into His Life, And, After Years Of Resentment, They Build A New Relationship And Become A Family Reprint , First Printing

About the Author: Paul Monette

Interviews On Brink of Summer s End 1996http youtu.be Xh6e6LCwIEoOnline Guide to Paul Monette s papers at UCLA novels, poetry, and a memoir, Paul Monette wrote about gay men striving to fashion personal identities and, later, coping with the loss of a lover to AIDS.Monette was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in 1945 He was educated at prestigious schools in New England Phillips Andover Academy and Yale University, where he received his B.A in 1967 He began his prolific writing career soon after graduating from Yale For eight years, he wrote poetry exclusively.After coming out in his late twenties, he met Roger Horwitz, who was to be his lover for over twenty years Also during his late twenties, he grew disillusioned with poetry and shifted his interest to the novel, not to return to poetry until the 1980s.In 1977, Monette and Horwitz moved to Los Angeles Once in Hollywood, Monette wrote a number of screenplays that, though never produced, provided him the means to be a writer Monette published four novels between 1978 and 1982 These novels were enormously successful and established his career as a writer of popular fiction He also wrote several novelizations of films.Monette s life changed dramatically when Roger Horwitz was diagnosed with AIDS in the early 1980s After Horwitz s death in 1986, Monette wrote extensively about the years of their battles with AIDS Borrowed Time, 1988 and how he himself coped with losing a lover to AIDS Love Alone, 1988 These works are two of the most powerful accounts written about AIDS thus far.Their publication catapulted Monette into the national arena as a spokesperson for AIDS Along with fellow writer Larry Kramer, he emerged as one of the most familiar and outspoken AIDS activists of our time Since very few out gay men have had the opportunity to address national issues in mainstream venues at any previous time in U.S history, Monette s high visibility profile was one of his most significant achievements He went on to write two important novels about AIDS, Afterlife 1990 and Halfway Home 1991 He himself died of AIDS related complications in 1995.In his fiction, Monette unabashedly depicts gay men who strive to fashion personal identities that lead them to love, friendship, and self fulfillment His early novels generally begin where most coming out novels end his protagonists have already come to terms with their sexuality long before the novels projected time frames Monette has his characters negotiate family relations, societal expectations, and personal desires in light of their decisions to lead lives as openly gay men.Two major motifs emerge in these novels the spark of gay male relations and the dynamic alternative family structures that gay men create for themselves within a homophobic society These themes are placed in literary forms that rely on the structures of romance, melodrama, and fantasy.Monette s finest novel, Afterlife, combines the elements of traditional comedy and the resistance novel it is the first gay novel written about AIDS that fuses personal love interests with political activism.Monette s harrowing collection of deeply personal poems, Love Alone 18 Elegies for Rog, conveys both the horrors of AIDS and the inconsolable pain of love lost The elegies are an invaluable companion to Borrowed Time.Before the publication and success of his memoir, Becoming a Man, it seemed inevitable that Monette would be remembered most for his writings on AIDS Becoming a Man, however, focuses on the dilemmas of growing up gay It provides at once an unsparing account of the nightmare of the closet and a moving and often humorous depiction of the struggle to come out Becoming a Man won the 1992 National Book Award for nonfiction, a historical moment in the history

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    Paul Monette 16 Oktober 1945 10 Februar 1995 Dying was nothing to losing.All my death watches having taught me that the thing itself when it finally came was beyond feeling.This book is so eloquent, I would have to highlight the whole book to meet this fact.It is so intense that I stand helplessly on the edge Indescribable I want to cry out with loneliness But I swear it s not Brian his brother He may

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    Home is the place you get to, not the place you came from Well this was brilliant But I am not surprised because it was written by a man who lived a courageous and brilliant life A champion This book for me is the best of Paul Monette s writing that I have read so far It is even better than his memoirs because the writing and experiences from his memoirs can be found here in the lives of his very real character

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    I remembered enjoying this book when it was published in 1991 and now, 18 years later, I enjoyed it again AIDS affected author Monette s life brutally, annihilating his friends and lovers and eventually himself he died in 1995 That first hand sense of being on the front lines of the crisis rings through quite clearly It s not a perfect novel, by any means, and there is one plot line in particular that winds up feeling e

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    Woof An absolute page turner, 10 10 would recommend Lots of twists and turns to keep you engaged.

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    I love the way Paul Monette writes wrote and am so happy to learn I haven t read everything in his body of work I happened to run across this copy of Halfway Home in a small book art shop in Hood River, Oregon last week, and am so glad I did This novel is extremely well put together, telling the story of a brother, Tom, a very funny guy coping with AIDS while also wrestling with childhood memories of family violence at the hands of his f

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    Paul Monette s book is about a character struggling with AIDS during the 1980 s In addition to his AIDS diagnosis, he is struggling with his background of estrangement from his entire family He has also not found it easy to love and be loved and has been evenconstricted by the fact that so many of his friends have died.He is now living in a beach house outside of Los Angeles owned by the Baldwin family The last youngest member of that family is a

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    About a third of the way through, the novel takes a completely unexpected lurch that took me completely by surprise I thought that it was a terrible plot turn, and for me the novel recovered from it But obviously many many people disagree with me.

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    A riveting view of a man with nothingto lose living on the edge.

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    Halfway Home by Paul MonetteIt s 1991 and Thomas Francis Shaheen Tom is living with Kaposi Sarcoma, a lethal complication at the time from HIV AIDS He has retired to die at the beach house owned by Graham Cole Baldwin Gray of the Baldwin family who owned most of California from Malibu to Santa Monica There Tom meets Mona McMahon Mona and alongside Gray, they become a family.Growing up as a child, Tom was abused by his father and brother I m an only child was Tom s mantra O

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    Really lesser Monette, alas His fiction is often less compelling than his memoirs and reality based writing This tells the story of two brothers, one seriously ill with AIDS, the other in trouble with federal agents over tax evasion, and how they both end up, with loved ones and various friends, in a slightly decrepit seaside mansion in Malibu Storms and sexual intrigue, the rock star next door, drag performance art it sof a gay soap opera than the TV series Looking was It s all ve

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