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Good in Bed Weiner S Witty, Original, Fast Moving Debut Features A Lovable Heroine, A Solid Cast, Snappy Dialogue And A Poignant Take On Life S PrioritiesFor Twenty Eight Years, Things Have Been Tripping Along Nicely For Cannie Shapiro Sure, Her Mother Has Come Charging Out Of The Closet, And Her Father Has Long Since Dropped Out Of Her World But She Loves Her Friends, Her Rat Terrier, Nifkin, And Her Job As Pop Culture Reporter For The Philadelphia Examiner She S Even Made A Tenuous Peace With Her Plus Size Body But The Day She Opens Up A National Women S Magazine And Sees The Words Loving A Larger Woman Above Her Ex Boyfriend S Byline, Cannie Is Plunged Into Miseryand The Most Amazing Year Of Her Life From Philadelphia To Hollywood And Back Home Again, She Charts A New Course For Herself Mourning Her Losses, Facing Her Past, And Figuring Out Who She Is And Who She Can Become

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    Sometimes a person needs a light read A fun read A pick it up and put it down finished in a day read This book is all of these things, but it also carries an important message in an accessible format We meet many people in our lives and love many be eternal or fleeting Regardless of the time that love is shar

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    Well by reading some of the reviews below, I guess I am the only one that really did NOT like this book I thought it was quite IRONIC That Violet loved the screenplay because the lead character didn t need to be rescued unlike Cannie She seems so winey and down on not only herself but everyone else To me this was NOT a

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    this book had a lot of things going on none of it was interesting.it starts off with this ross and rachel break situation and a semi harsh column about dating a large woman, and then it turns into a soap opera i expected an evil twin to appear it was just bad real bad also she was a size 16 at 5 10 with big boobs lord really cry

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    The third worst book I have ever read I just cannot stand main characters who portray themselves as perpetually victimized, while refusing to take any responsibility for removing themselves from the victim state It didn t help that I felt the author intentionally crafted her characters to be as pathetic as possible, then framed the story

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This was an interesting book I read it for an on line book group I did like reading it, but at the same time, it s definitely not one I would recommend or would be on any must read list I would write The thing I think Jennifer Weiner did well was writing in a way that I

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    This was so good that when it ended I felt like I had lost a friend I got so attached to Canny, that I just wanted to call her and chat with her about her life I would read this book again and againin fact, I have.

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    At one point in my life I felt gung ho to read the work of the woman who bravely stood up to Jonathan Franzen s derision Then I read this book Then I read a little bitabout Jennifer Weiner s various online and in print literary spats With the disclaimer that one book is in no way representative of a writer s oeuvre particularly not the first book of a roughly 15 year

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    Blah What is up with these 20 something books The I don t like my job, I can t find a mate, I m almost 30 angst books They are all written in the EXACT same voice, and even hit the same highlights in both this book and Girls are Weird, a father s funeral results in a hook up with an ex I guess I really dodged a bullet there.In the interview after the book, the author seems very

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    My first grader can sound out words and takes great interest in what I m reading He didn t understand the title of the book, so I told him that it was about someone who sleeps all night and never gets up to get in their parents bed.My husband wanted to know if it was fiction He was hoping not.I liked this book because I liked the character and cared about her She s likable and funny and

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    Twenty eight year old Cannie Shapiro had just taken a break in her relationship with her boyfriend when he was heading towards wanting marriage and she wasn t quite sure what she wanted But when she sees the headline in a magazine Loving a Larger Woman she is immediately furious when she sees her ex s name in the byline Now Cannie is trying to get her life in order and her weight under control She

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