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Gingerbread Palace A Novella In The Delectable SeriesA Week Before Christmas, Alex Bancroft S Bakery Goes Up In Flames When He Runs Back Inside After A Dog, Firefighter Kevin Flint Has To Rescue Alex And Quincy From The Smoldering Building, Endangering Them And Inflaming Kevin S ResentmentNow Alex Can T Create The Elaborate Gingerbread House He Donates To A Foster Kids Charity Each Year Fire Station Again Comes To His Rescue, Offering Their Kitchen And Their ManpowerEveryone But Kevin Flint, That Is A Third Generation Firefighter, He S Fearful Of Stepping Too Far Out Of The Closet So When His Powerful Physical Attraction For Alex Ends In A Sizzling Secret Encounter In The Firehouse, Kevin Can T Push Alex Far Enough Away, And Alex Returns The Cold ShoulderAfter A Change Of Heart, Kevin Risks His Life To Prove He S Worthy Of Alex S Affection, But Without A Christmas Miracle, Their Chances At Sweet Romance Might Go Up In SmokeLike All Delectable Stories, Gingerbread Palace Includes Recipes Used In The Book

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    3.75 I m devouring all the holiday stories I can get my hands on, and honestly this one, with all the baking was especially yummy.Kevin has a lot to live up to His grandfather, his father and his siblings are all in firefighters or police officers He seems to have a chip on his shoulder and is very careful to not be outed in anyway When he meets Alex, while rescuing a dog

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    A sweet holiday confection And I m totally going to try those recipes she includes at the end to make gingerbread

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    Original Blog Post is the very first E.M Lynley I have read So I really had no idea what to expect in terms of writing style The works had been recommended to me by friends so I took this chance And there are no regrets However, it was a style I was not used to It is a plot that I found a bit formulaic at first until..The books starts off with a fire and it is bringing down the b

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    I enjoyed the story and the way the firemen gave their time to help Alex with the cookies and the palace I didn t like Kevin as a person at all He did his job as a fireman but was selfish when away from the job Bidding on the Gingerbread Palace seemed too much too late.

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    I really enjoyed this.

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    Saved by stuffed turtle and bed controller XDOf the stories in the series, this was the most clicked with me Like previous books, this novella could be read as standalone The only tie in between each books were the mentions of MC or their brand from others in the series.In Gingerbread Palace we met a firefighter MC with chips on his shoulders and a bakery owner who had overcome childhood ab

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    E.M Lynley presents a nice holiday story with Gingerbread Palace The firefighters work is incredibly well written, educating the reader Alex s work is also described in such detail we get to understand the hard work put into it.Regarding the story itself, after what Kevin did and how it brought back awful memories to Alex, I believe it should ve taken a lottime for them to becomethan friends Als

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    I don t understand How can you go from being so mean and cruel to someone to someone you re crazy about in a blink of an eye Kevin acted like a complete dick for most of this story I didn t like him and no one can make me like him Did Kevin and Alex even have an actual conversation I think Kevin learned most about him through other people or when Alex was yelling at him Good for Alex for telling him

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    Boy do I want to bake gingerbread cake and fireman cookies now I m a little overdosed on holiday stories, and still have lots of Advent Calendar stories to read, so no long reviews this season I did really like how Kevin showed Alex he was serious and their date in the hospital so sweet And of course, Firemen hot any day of the year You can t go wrong with that

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    31 2 stars Nice short read, just what was needed after reading a few intense novels Story was predictable but it raised awareness for an organization unknown to me CASA I will check out the website.

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