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Gind: The Magical Adventures of a Vanara When Ongchu, A Young Vanara Princess, Is Kidnapped By A Rakshasan, Rishi Agastya Entrusts Gind, A Bold Young Vanara, With The Dangerous Mission Of Restoring Her To Baulpur, Her Home Beyond The Himalayas As Gind, His Father Karuppan, And Ongchu Set Out On Their Long, Arduous Journey From The Island Of Poompuhar, They Are Stalked By Wild Animals And Magical Beings, Waylaid And Terrorized By Rakshasas, And Thwarted By A Wrathful Indra, The God Of Thunder They Meet An Army Of Vanaras On A Mission To Rescue A Human Princess From The Clutches Of The Wicked Rakshasa King Help A Giant Vanara In His Search For The Magical Herb Sanjeevini And Winter With A Band Of Yetis In The High Himalayas Mysterious And Momentous Things Are Happening Around The Vanaras, But They Are Clueless About Their Own Part In These Events What Is Agastya S Secret Purpose Will The Three Vanaras Make It To Baulpur What Are The Shadowy Forces At Work Gind S Exciting Adventures Will Have You Rollicking From One Escapade To Another In This Action Packed Fantasy Meet Delightful, Strange And Magical Characters, And Follow The Trail Of The Vanaras As Their Light Hearted Adventure Turns Into An Odyssey

About the Author: Harini Gopalswami Srinivasan

I m excited by geography, ancient history and mythology in a nutshell, the romance of place As a reader, I enjoy humour, uncomplicated characters, action, nature, animals, and happy endings Like most writers, I try to write the kind of book I like reading I m also an aspiring permaculturist, and right now this takes up all my mind space My heroes are natural farmers like Fukuoka and Bhaskar Save Our farm is near the elephant corridor This, along with our innocence in matters agricultural, makes for uncertain outcomes and a lot of adventures in my head, at least One of these days, I hope to live there full time My farming blog is here

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    GIND is a delightful story of myth and adventure Having been raised on mainly Greek and Roman myth, with a sprinkling of other cultures, I found the basic premise of the book to be fun and easy to follow The book started with Devalokam shone with cleanliness Everything was perfect, and no one was doing anything they shouldn t Indra was beginning to get bored None of the other gods was trying to be

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    This richly painted adventure weaves a complicated world into a strong story From the simple vanaras to the proud gods, every adventurer is subject to circumstances that keep their paths crossing The descriptions are beautiful they give the reader a deep sense of each place the story takes them Song lyrics for things like weddings and snow are charming additions that convey very immediate cultural i

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    Gind was delightful from start to finish This odyssey through India, is wholesome, funny, and fast paced, complete with flying elephants, a kidnaped princess, silly songs and magic galore I could compare it to Kipling s Jungle Book, in some ways, but I liked it better perhaps because one of the main characters was female Harini Gopalswami Srinivasan, with her elegant flair for the word and talent at c

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    A very light, breezy read Finished this book in a few days Although aimed at pre teen children, it should be liked by adults as well especially those interested in Indian mythology The parallel story of the Ramayana is very nicely interspersed with the main story here which is basically about the adventures of a young monkey who happens to be born at the time of the Ramayana The world of Gind has been v

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    By Bree Wolf, author of Fireflies Gind is a wonderful story full of mythical creatures many of which I have never heard of Ultimately, I did enjoy the book thoroughly sweet and yet strong characters, exciting adventures, a beautiful and varied setting, plus amazing story telling However, every now and then I would have loved an explanation of how to picture some of these exotic creatures.

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    This is a highly imaginative book filled with thrills and spills An original tangent from the Ramayana, parallel adventures of a gang of monekys who are unaware that they are part of history in the making Children and their parents will thoroughly enjoy this book

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    mark it as to read

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