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Genealogical Guidebook & Atlas of Denmark The Book Supplies Both Written Aids And Maps It Describes The Four Major Sources Of Danish Genealogical Information It Lists The Common Terms Found In Danish Genealogical Records And Gives English Equivalents It Details The Frequently Used Feast Days And Gives Tables By Which To Convert The Movable Ones To The Modern Calendar It Gives An Alphabet Of The Gothic Script As An Aid In Deciphering The Old Handwriting And In A Thirty Page Listing It Shows Parishes In Alphabetical Order With The Corresponding Districts, Counties, And Military Levying Rolls A Unique Feature Is The First Ever List Compiled By The Authors Showing Beginning Dates For Registers Of All Parishes Twelve Pages Of Ecclesiastical Maps Embrace All Parishes, Districts And Counties And Sixty Four Pages Of Topographical Maps Covering The Whole Country Have An Index Of , Places, Each Keyed To The Appropriate Map Section

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    Excellent resource guide for persons doing Danish genealogical research.

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