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Freakboy PDF Epub Freakboy Author Kristin Elizabeth Clark Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk From The Outside, Brendan Chase Seems To Have It Pretty Easy He S A Star Wrestler, A Video Game Aficionado, And A Loving Boyfriend To His Seemingly Perfect Match, Vanessa But On The Inside, Brendan Struggles To Understand Why His Body Feels So Wrong Why He Sometimes Fantasizes Having Long Hair, Soft Skin, And Gentle Curves Is There Even A Name For Guys Like Him Guys Who Sometimes Want To Be Girls Or Is Brendan Just A Freak In Freakboy S Razor Sharp Verse, Kristin Clark Folds Three Narratives Into One Powerful Story Brendan Trying To Understand His Sexual Identity, Vanessa Fighting To Keep Her And Brendan S Relationship Alive, And Angel Struggling To Confront Her Demons.

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    As my first verse novel, Freakboy really surprised me Not being a fan of poetry I was expecting verse novels to give me the worst kind of reading experience, but it was actually really moving and easier to get into the flow of it than I would have thought The subject matter was also original and gave me a new insight in the subject of LGBT I ve read

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    So, this is yet another important book that just isn t actually very good Freakboy is a novel in verse about being nonbinary and trans While these are two really important topics, the book doesn t have anything going for it besides the important issues, and these issues are all only addressed somewhat well Freakboy ends up being nothing but an issues

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    Few writers dare to tackle such a difficult and important topic Kudos, Kristin, for taking a major chance

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    I stayed up until 2 AM reading this It hit home, an arrow to the heart.You may read prose poem in the book description but don t be put off by that This is a fairly straight forward narrative, although it s written with less words per line, in a poem like structure without a lot of description It still reads smoothly and easily It still moves, inexorab

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    Glad the book was written, but this just confirms all over again that novels written in verse just aren t for me I just wantfrom books, and it s hard to explore with a satisfying degree of depth and comple...

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    Freakboy is the first Young Adult novel that I have read that properly addresses transexuality And, while I am not going to pretend to know a lot about the subject, I do think that Clark did a great job at writing and portraying transexuality Her characters are well written and she obviously put a lot of thought into her story This book also happens to b

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    I read Freakboy as I traversed the United States The row in front of me on the airplane, there was a baby, so I put my headphones in and blasted music into my ears This actually really helped me focus in on the book, and remove the rest of the world Usually, when I read, I m distracted by my cat, by the internet, by little sounds outside The whole time I

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    I m hesitant to decry this book overly, because it might well provide comfort to people with questions like the main character s But the simple fact of the matter is that I wasn t all that impressed.Of the three novels in verse I ve read this year, this one has the worst poetry by far It s artless and ineffective the imagery is nothing to write home about,

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    Synopsis This young adult novel is told in verse from three teen points of view, whose lives interweave as the plot develops Brendon, the main protagonist, and for whom the book is titled is a white middle class teen from a divorced background, with atheistic beliefs, great commitment to his little sister, love of gaming, an ambivalence towards his wrestlin

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    Kristin Elizabeth Clark certainly has ambition Her debut novel, FREAKBOY, tackles the gender spectrum in verse I love novels in verse and I love novels that address LGBTQ issues I had very high hopes for FREAKBOY, which can be a bad thing for a book But I think Clark met her ambitions.Brendan Chase is a fairly normal guy He s on the wrestling team and isn t

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