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Forty Lashes Less One The Hell Called Yuma Prison Can Destroy The Soul Of Any Man And It S Worse For Those Whose Damning Crime Is The Color Of Their Skin The Law Says Chiricahua Apache Raymond San Carlos And Black As Night Former Soldier Harold Jackson Are Murderers, And They Ll Stay Behind Bars Until They Re Dead And Rotting But Even In The Worst Place On Earth, There S Hope And For Two Hard And Hated Inmates First Enemies, Then Allies By Necessity It Waits At The End Of A Mad And Violent Contest On A Bloody Trail That Winds Toward Arizona S Five Most Dangerous Men.

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    No one does gritty like Leonard This is bleak, barren, ugly the perfect prison He had me sweating dry as a bone in Yuma prison s heat when it s cold wet here Excellently done, but brutal depressing It was a quick read, but I just didn t get to it with the holidays I should have.

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    Another excellent novel from Leonardthe master.

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    Leonard writes with a cinematic touch, characters that stand out, locations vividly described, and with a plot that just possibly could happen, but probably not That s the case here Start with an old West prison you can picture the dust blowing, the bland buildings, the bars in the windows, the frumpy guards in dirt

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    It s easy to see why El Leonard was good at westerns His characters ring true and that s especially true here The na ve warden, the outcast protagonists and an antagonist that the reader naturally roots against I enjoyed this one.

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    I am not so erudite that can review a book without comparing it to other work.But I can t compare this novel to other El Leonard books it s my first Leonard and I can t compare it to other Westerns it s my first one too I can only compare it to other other much hyped novels from famous writers and I can only say, Not

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    One crazy book, but that s what you expect from El Leonard Not my favorite from El, an author I really like It s a period book very early 1900 s which takes place primarily in the famous prison in Yuma Arizona Many, many characters, and none of them very good The best of the bunch is a wannabe Pentecostal preacher temp

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    This was a swing and a miss for Leonard His two main characters just don t feel real and the plot seems too outlandish to be taken seriously Add to that the quasi moralistic undertones and you wind up with a pretty poor showing, particularly after Valdez Is Coming.

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    Forty Lashes Less One was a return to Leonard s western genre Set in a desert prison, the story centers around the conflict turned friendship between an African American and a Native American This book is a bitgritty than some of Leonard s books that I have read to date The liberal use of the dreaded N word throughout th

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    This was advertised as a Western, or at least I thought so, but it is really a prison story set in the West that delves into racism within the incarcerated and their handlers, with a somewhat convoluted story line, that for me wa...

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    In every chapter, almost on every page, Leonard s trademark dry humor leavens an otherwise bitter tale I d go so far as to say that in El Leonard s work, wit is the meat and action is the salt and pepper Opponents exchange wordsoften than bullets, and the sting is worse In this story, bullets don t fly until near...

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