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Forgotten Bones An Unlikely Pair Teams Up To Investigate A Brutal Murder In A Haunting Thriller That Walks The Line Between Reality And Impossibility.When Small Town Police Officers Discover The Grave Of A Young Boy, They Re Quick To Pin The Crime On A Convicted Felon Who Lives Nearby But When It Comes To Murder, Officer Susan Marlan Never Trusts A Simple Explanation, So She S Just Getting Started.Meanwhile, College Professor Eric Evans Hallucinates A Young Boy In Overalls A Symptom Of His Schizophrenia Or So He Thinks But When Bodies Turn Up, Eric Has Visions, And They Mirror Details Of The Murder Case As The Investigation Continues, The Police Stick With Their Original Conclusion, But Susan S Instincts Tell Her Something Is Off The Higher Ups Keep Stonewalling Her, And The FBI S Closing In.Desperate For Answers, Susan Goes Rogue And Turns To Eric For Help Together They Take An Unorthodox Approach To The Case As The Evidence Keeps Getting Stranger With Eric S Hallucinations Intensifying And The Body Count Rising, Can The Pair Separate Truth From Illusion Long Enough To Catch A Monster

About the Author: Vivian Barz

Vivian Barz grew up on a farm in a small Northern California town of less than three thousand people With plenty of fresh air and space to let her imagination run wild, she began penning mysteries at a young age One of Barz s earliest works, a story about a magical scarecrow with a taste for children s blood, was read to her third grade class during show and tell It received mixed reviews Vivi

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    The thriller I was hoping to read never materialized, which was unfortunate, because I liked the main characters and this could have been a good story.The author flip flopped back and forth between Eric and Susan, offering two likable people with realistic problems The clues were consistently laid out for the reader to see, and it was an inev

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    Review to come.

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    I was offered an advance copy in exchange for a review Forgotten Bones was a genuinely good read The story centers around Eric and Susan, a college professor and Police Officer respectively, and an ongoing child murderer case in the small town of Perrick, CA The book has great pacing, making it an easy and enjoyable read I loved how it went back and forth betw

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    Forgotten Bones was a unique and engaging tale I m not crazy about serial killer stories in general, but this one pulled me in and kept me interested from Chapter One Susan is a young but perceptive small town police officer Eric is a schizophrenic with one heck of a backstory, who is new in town and who has no clue what he is about to get sucked into I rooted for him

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    What you should know before reading 1 Forgotten Bones is not your typical crime novel There is not a ton of crime solving, leads, or potential suspects instead it focuses on the daily lives of two MC s who somewhat haphazardly stumble onto clues 2 The book does include paranormal activity ghosts 3 I found the book to be rather slow, for example Eric s introduction chapter spend

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    Eerie book, somewhat predictable in portions I found it unbelievable that the police officer Susan, would not have problems with the mentally disturbed man But other than that, it was a very good book and although predictable, well written and the characters also well written I did...

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    More like 3.5 The plot and twist were extremely predictable That being said this book was different than your typical thriller and I loved the supernatural aspect to it I look forward to from this author.

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    Ahhhhhh I really like this book It has the perfect mix of mental health positivity, paranormal activity, and detective work The characters are well fleshed out, and even if I guessed the twist it didn t make the ending any less enjoyable.

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    Actual review 3.5 stars.I was offered a pre publication Kindle copy to read and review Forgotten Bones is a fast read, a small town serial killer mystery with a supernatural twist and a pair of engaging protagonists the man is especially intriguing because he s schizophrenic and inclined to hallucinate only in this case his disturbing visions aren t just coming from his own imagination.Some of Vivian Barz s narra

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    Good NovelTruthfully, I really did like this book The mystery was great The reveal was as well The only reason I didn t give this a higher rating was because there were pages and pages of descriptive text that I found myself skipping through Some of it was initially interesting i.e., the protagonist and his ex wife but others where Susan is doing her thing no spoilers felt so tedious That said, this author has skills to w

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