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Fogged Up Fairy Tale First I would like to state that I received this book through the Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book When I received this book I began reading it at once I stayed up all night reading this book could not put it down I really enjoy the authors writing style It is a unique tale with wonderful wit that makes you laugh throughout the book I loved the flow in which the chapters were written You are pulled into the book from the very beginning and you don t want to put the book down It kept me on the edge of my seat reading from cover to cover She sure keeps you wanting to turn the page to see what will be on the next pages All the characters are very well portrayed thought out When you are finished you wish you weren t This is a most wonderful read and I highly recommend that anyone who enjoys reading should read this book This is a book th If I m honest, I wasn t expecting this book to be very good I m not sure why I liked the cover art, the blurb outlines a Before I Go To Sleep esque thriller, but there was something bugging me about the book as a whole I should note, I m not keen on the artwork on the blurb it feels too messy and I personally prefer a plainer background on a blurb Nevertheless, I tried to put my judgements aside and cracked on with reading the book After the first few chapters I still really wasn t sure about it it seemed far too similar to Before I Go To Sleep Girl gets in accident Girl loses memory Girl doesn t remember husband Husband trying to get their marriage back on track However, I stuck it through and was rather pleasantly surprised About half way through the book I was hooked I raced through it in only 3 days The plot is actually completely different to Before I Go To Sleep whilst at first there are obvious similarities, it soon swerves off into its own very well deserved storyline Our protagonist, Brand, tells the story, with chapters alternating from cur This begins as a subtle mystery then explodes into what can happen when love, secrets, and loneliness get tangled up I enjoyed the witty dialogue, the unexpected tender moments between Easton and Brand, and the way they were able to find their way back to each other I was caught up in the case, turning pages to see what happened next I liked how we went from past to present in the chapters it made for a interesting read I would recommend What an interesting concept As I read this book I was discovering the life of the main character right along with her Brand is odd, wild, fiery, and a great character She is by no means perfect, so I was fond of her from the start.Easton however is stand off ish, and I never totally warmed to him Although he did sound yummy, so I forgave him lots Wha I didn t engage with the writing. I really loved this book There were a few minor editing glitches, but overall, it was very well written Brand and Easton are flawed protagonists whose struggles to achieve a second or third chance at love following Brand s amnesia kept my interest throughout The switch back and forth from present day to the past was a little disorienting, but this seemed to give me a sense for what Brand experienced in trying to piece together her foggy life The ending is s Fogged Up Fairytale has a unique take on the happily ever after romance Brand s sarcasm is laugh out loud hilarious, and the relationship between her and Easton seems refreshingly real.Read full review in the I really enjoyed this unique tale Brand s wit kept me laughing throughout the book I wanted to keep track of all the hilarious sayings for the review, but I decided not to spoil it for you I loved the flow in which the chapters were written keeps you wanting to turn the page for Read Fogged Up Fairy Tale By Denise Baer 9tvuk.us Alternate Cover Edition ISBN 10 0991326830 ISBN 13 978 0991326839Brand Rye S Life Has Come To A Halt She S Lost Everything Even Her Memory After Spending Time In The Hospital, Brand Returns Home To A Husband She Doesn T Remember, And A Life That Has Disappeared Overnight Her Husband, Easton, Provides Brand With Bits And Pieces Of Her Past While She Tries To Put It All Together As Brand Learns About Her Life, She Begins To Realize That She Isn T The Person She Hopes To Be Or Is She Alcohol And Loss Are What Brought Easton And Brand Together Once Out Of Rehab, Easton Offered Brand A Place To Stay For A Price With Nothing Left To Lose But Her Sarcasm, Brand Took Him Up On His Offer, Which Began A Whirlwind Of Adventure, Sexual Tension And Their Fairy Tale Of Love Is Brand S Second Chance Too Late Or Will She Be Able To Cope With The Secrets As They Re Revealed

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