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I thought that Untouched perfection made me emotional but dang Flawless perfection really hit me in the feels there was many tears shed thanks to Kristin Mayer This leaves off right were the first one in the series left off so you really need to read that one first or you d be really lost and confused Didn t think it was possible to the love this couple they are just perfect and click so well the pain they have to face broke my heart , the sex scenes are well written with the right amount of heat , they are possessive , protective , and share such a great respect for one another Knoah has got to be one of my favorite heroines after everything she has been through she is so strong and with the help of the hero she really grew a lot and adored the fact how the author showed the blossoming of Knoah Nothing is wrong with Garrick he is so swoon worthy just wanted to jump his bones couldn t find a flaw with him So happy there wasn t any unnecessary drama really hate when drama is put in a book just by randomness , wasn t expecting were some of the things lead to witch was awesome love unpredictability The secondary characters are so lovable can t wait for whats to come for them and their hilarious pranks on one another looking forward to readin Review to come 4.5This is a new author to me and I was so glad I picked up this story The story has laughs, grief, pain, anger, sadness, secrets, and heartbreak If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books s firstUntouched Perfection Timeless Love Series 1 This is of Knoah and Garrick s story With the last story, we were left with quite the cliffy This story picks up right were the last one left us The information we needed in the last story is provided in this one This couple is solid and will need to be with all the obstacles that are thrown their way This story is packed full of suspense and edge of your seat action Get ready for a bumpy ride The love that these two show for each other is off the charts and will mak Spoiler Free Review I don t know how Kristin did it, but she out did herself with Flawless Perfection I wont say what goes on in this book BUT be prepared, the mystery continues and Garrick gets even swoon worthy There are surprise galore through the book, and trust me when I see this is amazing. Three Words Altered My Life Forever It Has To Be A Terrible Mistake Yet I Know It S Not.I Fear What Comes Next.Someone Still Wants Me I Can Sense The Desperation Behind Their Attempts Garrick Vows To Protect Me And I Cling To His Words.Will It Be Enough The Only Thing I Know Is I Can T Lose Garrick And If I Have To Sacrifice Everything To Save Him I Will. ABSOLUTELY, PERFECTLY, FLAWLESS PERFECTION The title says it all I was gifted with the chance to read this spectacular book early by the fabulous author Kristin Mayer for my honest opinion of this book Flawless Perfection is the second book in the Timeless Love Series, and the continuation Knoah and Garrick s story of the most perfect love.I fell in love with Knoah and Garrick in Untouched Perfection, the first book in the Timeless series The love that started there continues and grows even larger in Flawless Perfection Throw in all the intrigue in Flawless and the Family , I could not put the book down, I kept saying just one chapter, next thing I knew, I was done with the book That made me sad, because I could not get enough of all the characters in the book The depth of all the characters in this story The emotions that everyone went and are going through throughout the book OMG I LOVED this book.Then, there is Hastings, oops, sorry no spoilers I will say this, I had good and bad feelings about this character, but h This is the second book in the series and Untouched Perfection needs to be read first.Knoah Knox has just gotten engaged to Garrick Shaw and her world is full of hope when a bomb has been dropped on her Now she struggles to figure out what is real and what happened in her past She has Garrick beside her helping through everything but it is also clear that Navarro is still after her for some reason unknown to her.Will Knoah be able to handle everything coming at her or will she do something drastic to keep those she loves safe This was a great conclusion with so many twists and turns that you can t write about without ruining something from the first book or this one.I loved Knoah and loved how she struggled to put the pieces of her life together with the past and the present without trying to offend anyone She had so much going on and with her life being threatened it took it to a whole new level Garrick was so protective over her and it was completely understandable I loved how Knoah s family came together and did what was best for her They all overcame the past mistakes and fo This book Just holy wow It s everything I wanted it to be and when I picked it up And now I have to figure out how to put my love for it into words Because honestly, none will do it justice But I ll give it a try Don t worry everyone, you ll have your answer asap about Hastings and Knoah I m going to try and not give anything away but I have to gush Gush, gush, gush Garrick is one of the most amazing men in the world He never once wavers He just, he s perfect to the very end No matter what he s there Again I have no words for him that will get my point across Knoah, she s the sweetest, beautiful on the inside and out, perfect, and just the most amazing match for Garrick You get their love story and And the being The amazing family these two have And the friends, Sawyer and Kurt, who are family too By the way I can t wait for Kurt and Sawyer s Again, Kristin Mayer has transported me into an amazing world with two characters that are perfection together Knoah and Garrick are back for even turmoil and danger Secrets and lies are exposed and pain and anger resurface that were buried for decades There are hidden agenda s around every turn and betrayal from those she didn t expect The mother in law from hell makes an appearance and proves she still wears the crown of evilness.Knoah has already lost everything once before in her life and doesn t want to feel that pain again But with the danger that surrounds her, she may not be able to get away from it Garrick is than willing to do whatever it takes to protect her from the pervasive evil that stalks their lives Enemies turn into friends and family and now Knoah has joy and confusion in her life than she ever thought possible But with the good, always comes the bad.I thought it would be hard to surpass UNTOUCHED PERFECTION, but Kristin Mayer has done it FLAWLESS PERFECTION brings the story of Knoah and Garrick to a close with a bang The depths of these two characters is awesome What Knoah has gone through would have broken most people, and did her for a time But she keeps getting back up and trudging along, and Garrick is definitely in for the long haul with her I laughed, cried, raged, and feared through this book Mostly cried It was at times overwhelming OH HOLY HELL BATMAN I thought Untouched Perfection was off the charts exciting, but I find that it was just a warm up for this explosive conclusion And now I have to make sure that everyone knows that Flawless Perfection is the second book in an intense series, so guess what YOU MUST READ THE BOOK 1 FIRST This story picks right up where the last book left off with a huge secret revealed that rocks Knoah s world And this secret makes it almost impossible for Garrick to protect her, although he is willing to die trying, as there s still insane danger gunning for her Will they ever get their happily ever after I wanted to say so much , but alas, if I tried to, this review would contain serious spoiler douchery Kristin Mayer with her brilliant self took the intensity up to new levels of heart pounding goodness, and seriously I didn t see Flawless Perfection (Timeless Love, #2)

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Flawless Perfection (Timeless Love, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Kristin Mayer author readers around the world.

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