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Fish In A Dwindling Lake The Body Was The Only Truth She Knew It Was The Body Alone That Was Left, Even As She Went Beyond The Body Journeys Form The Leitmotif Of These Astonishing New Stories By Ambai Sometimes Culminating In An Unconventional Love Affair, Some Are Extraordinary Tales Of Loyalty And Integrity Others Touch On The Almost Fantastic, Absurd Aspect Of Mumbai Yet Others Explore The Notion Of A Wholesome Self, And Its Tragic Absence At Times These Stories Are Illuminated By Vivid And Unusual Characters From An Eccentric, Penurious Singer Couple Who Adopt An Ape As Their Son, To A Male Prostitute, Who Is Battered By Bimbos For Not Giving Full Satisfaction.Crucially, Some Of The Stories, Like The Title One, Engage Uninhibitedly With A Woman S Relationship To Her Body For Ambai, Feminist Par Excellence, The Sensual Body, Experienced As A Natural Landscape Changing With Age, Is At The Same Time, The Only Vehicle Of Life And Tool For Mapping The External World. 1 Journey 4 A short story Amazing and unexpected ending.2 Journey 5 Also a short story An unexpected twist Sweet. Was disappointed with this collection especially since my expectations were very high after reading Purple Sea from the same team The stories chosen didn t really fall in place into a collection and the translation was very rudimenta A lovely little collection of short stories, translated by Lakshmi Holmstr m with a wonderful collection of Tamil phrases peppered throughout the book The stories are centred around the theme of travel, but the hea

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