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First Light In First Light, Geoffrey Wellum Tells The Inspiring, Often Terrifying True Story Of His Coming Of Age Amid The Roaring, Tumbling Dogfights Of The Fiercest Air War The World Had Ever Seen It Is The Story Of An Idealistic Schoolboy Who Couldn T Believe His Luck When The RAF Agreed To Take Him On As A Pupil Pilot At The Minimum Age Of Seventeen And A Half In 1939 In His Fervor To Fly, He Gave Little Thought To The Coming War Writing With Wit, Compassion, And A Great Deal Of Technical Expertise, Wellum Relives His Grueling Months Of Flight Training, During Which Two Of His Classmates Crashed And Died He Describes A Hilarious Scene During His First Day In The Prestigious 92nd Squadron When His Commader Discovered That Wellum Had Not Only Never Flown A Spitfire, He D Never Even Seen One A Battle Hardened Ace By The Winter Of 1941, Though Still Not Out Of His Teens, Boy Wellum Flew Scores Of Missions As Fighter Escort On Bombing Missions Over France Yet The Constant Life Or Death Stress Of Murderous Combat And Anguish Over The Loss Of His Closest Friends Sapped Endurance Tortured By Fierce Headaches, Even In The Midst Of Battle, He Could Not Bear The Thought Of Not Pulling Your Weight, Of Letting The Other Pilots Risk Their Lives In His Place Wellum S Frank Account Of His Long, Losing Bout With Battle Fatigue Is Both Moving And Enlightening.

About the Author: Geoffrey Wellum

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the First Light book, this is one of the most wanted Geoffrey Wellum author readers around the world.

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    As was the case with Jack Curry s Lancaster Target this is a must read if the subject interests you First Light is a fabulous account of the day to day life of a spitfire pilot during The Battle of Britain He selects a handful of his most memorable...

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    First Light is one of those books that is destined to be remembered as a classic and rightly so This is a wonderful book of a young man who joined the Royal Air Force before the start of World War Two and who later fought during the Battle of Britain and survived Most of the book is taken up with his training as a pilot and the fighting during the Battle of Britain However the book continues on to cover his role in Operation Pedestal and the fighting over Malta until his return to

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    This won t be so much a review as an injunction read this book That s right, stop reading this review right now and go and get hold of First Light however you can buy it, borrow it, steal it if necessary any writer in his deepest heart wants readersthan anything else, so if you can t afford to buy his work, he ll forgive someone who steals to read.Right, got it What, you mean you haven t bought it yet Well, let me tell you why you should Firstly, this book has moved, in a single re Th

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    This is a very compelling book As the son of a Second World War veteran of the European phase of the war, in reading Mr Wellum s account, I want to thank him for helping to make real in my mind, the stresses that war places on you In particular, while reading the chapter in which Mr Wellum describes his chase of a Junkers 88 bomber in foul weather and his subsequent efforts to return to his ai...

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    This is the best work in the genre of memoir biography autobiography I have read by or about pilots of the Battle of Britain It is beautifully written, humorous and touching It made me laugh out loud in places and also brought tears to my eyes in others The most memorable aspects of this memoir for me were the sense of serene freedom enjoyed by the author whilst in the air during the pre operational part of his training, the quiet but deep bonds of friendship between the author and his fe

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    mumble mumblethis website has made itchallenging to select correction edition of book one is reading as well as the start and finish dates and I will soon throw in the towel with frustrationor not I will stop logging books as being read and just hold off until complete Lightbulb sorry to anyone reading this mumble This hardback book, checked out from my wonderful library, is the edition I did read It is quite unlike any other World War II book I have read This gentleman wrote mumble mumblet

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    Here in 2010, being the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Geoffrey Wellum was featured on a t.v programme just the other night I then remembered that I read his book some years back I can review it now because of the deep impression it made back then.The story begins as the dark clouds gather over Europe in the late thirties Wellum joins the R.A.F and is selected for fighter pilot training The whole account is awesome stuff From gypsy moth novice to that very first night flight a Her

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was the first, first person account I d ever read of the Battle of Britain, and my heart ached for the author the youngest pilot to take part in the Battle.It was especially poignant to feel the author s loss of hope for his own survival as his tours wore on, and he lost increasing numbers of friends You truly felt, along with the author, his utt...

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    If you want an overview of the strategy and tactics of the Battle of Britain read Michael Korda s With Wings Like Eagles However, if you want a first person account of a fighter pilot this is your book Wellum doesn t give a good sense of how his squadron s work figures in the big picture but DOES give a good sense of what it is to be flying and fighting.Pages 147 155 describe a dogfight in detail.Pages 230 240 describe him in low overcast trying to find his way home with a failed radio I If you w

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    The author comes across as somewhat of a twit although a heroic one , but this seems to enhance the book s verisimilitude He s not much of a writer, but his descriptions of the mechanics of flight in a Spitfire are very good Does not discuss anyth...

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