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First Impressions (Passion and Perseverance, #1) Reading First Impressions Passion And Perseverance, 1 Author Rebecca Sharp Bassgrotto.co.uk This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN B01LVWZB56.Looking To Read The Next Great Romance After Twilight And 50 Shades Of Grey Well, You Ve Found It The First In The Passion And Perseverance Trilogy, First Impressions Is Modern Re Telling Of The Epic Romance Between Elizabeth Bennet And Mr Darcy With A Darkly Sensual Twist Beth Bennet Is On Top Of The World All Of Her Hard Work And Dedication Has Finally Paid Off With Her Career In PR Reaching New Heights And Marriage Is The Last Thing On Her Mind That Is Until Her Father Decides To Make Some Big Changes In The Family Firm Which Puts William Darcy Directly In Her Path, Throwing Off Every Well Laid Plan She D Made Challenging His Control At Every Turn, Will Beth Be Able To Win Him Over Before She Loses Control Of Herself Darcy S Dark Past Has Made Him Cold, Controlling And Completely Irresistible Yet, The Only Thing He Can T Seem To Resist Is Beth Will He Be Able To Relinquish His Need For Control For The Sake Of Love Or Will His Past And Their Families Succeed In Keeping Them Apart In The 20th Century, This Adaptation Of Pride And Prejudice Becomes A Tale Of Passion And Persistence When Two Very Independent People Struggle To Maintain Control Over Their Lives As A Love They D Never Planned On Consumes Them.

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10 thoughts on “First Impressions (Passion and Perseverance, #1)

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    This modern variation veers little from the outline of canon However, the author needs to proofread her text Yes, I know she is a physician, but this must have been a hurry up and get it done book as many errata are glaring at the reader My second comment has to do with a warning this is for MA only There are at least three graphic descriptions of sex scenes and one involves spanking Darcy and Bingley come to town but this time

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    A modern re telling of part of Pride and Prejudice I admit to not liking the two main characters but I did finish the book All the mature content was skipped as it s not something that I have an interest in reading.

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    This is a modern Pride and Prejudice variation It is a very mature story with so many name brands mentioned, you would almost think they are sponsors Darcy and Elizabeth follow the cannon plot with the exception that that can t keep their hands of each other I did enjoy the story ...

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    I enjoyed it Chapters are a little short but it s well written I like the changes made from canon I look forward to the sequel.

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    Freebie on I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this story As an all time lover of Jane Austen and romance novels, I love this funfic story, and the steamy scenes were oh so STEAMY Dr RS actually exceeded my expectations by putting Mr Darcy into his very alpha self.Big recommendation

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    50 shade of darcyIt turned into 50 shades of grey somewhere around the middle It wasn t bad but it wasn t what i was expecting out of a pride and prejudice variation It s well written and the plot is interesting.

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    One of the best modern PP stories I ve read, it has drama, passion, cliffhangers, seriously once you start reading you can t stop I recommend this story very much.

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    GoodGood story, may not be for everyone but If you remember it s a variation then it s cool Looking forward to the sequel

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    Loved this book Great modern AU take on the Lizzy Darcy dynamic.Glad you have decided to make this into a series

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    This story is great The story is interesting and compelling Can t wait to read the next one

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