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Find Me I am really bored with the trope in mystery thriller of the damaged savant detective This was the first Kathy Mallory I ve read, and it ll be the last Mallory is that damaged savant, and beautiful she s described as possessing a perfect face, whatever that means , and she is so out of control that no respectable police force would hire her, promote her to detective, or put up with her But she s nuthin to the FBI agent who is the true villa As posted in I got this book as a gift since it is known among my friends that I love Grafton s Kinsey Millhone and Cornwell s Kay Scarpetta So, I thought I d love Kathy Mallory Not I am aware that there is a series of Mallory s adventures I am aware that one needs to read a couple of other books of the series before rendering a verdict However, this book alone was enough for me to decide that I won t be reading another book by Carol O Connell In this series, Mallory hits Route 66 for two purposes One, to find her father or rather, to find pieces of his life You see, Mallory was a feral child before she was caught and adopted by, now deceased, Lou Markowitz, a legendary cop detective Two, she s in search of a serial killer who abducts, kills and buries children by the edges of Route 66 Initially, sounds interesting However, the Mallory character is hard to relate or sympathize You could say that despite of it all, Mallory is On Route 66, As Word Travels That Children S Grave Sites Are Being Discovered Along The Road, The Parents Of Missing Children Form A Silent Caravan They Are Being Shepherded By NYPD Detective Kathleen Mallory, Who Seeks A Killer Like None She Has Ever Known And A Child Unlike The Others Herself. O Connell has set herself apart as one of the finest psychological crime writers ever Love is the death of me Detective Riker reads the suicide note found next to Savannah s corpse The gunshot victim is lying in his partner, Detective Kathy Mallory s apartment.Is it a suicide or a homicide Mallory has disappeared.If you aren t acquainted with Kathy Mallory, do yourself a favour and change that There has never been a character like her in crime fiction.Mallory is the most beautiful, most heartless, most terrifying heroine you ll ever meet.Until the final page of Mallory s last outing, Winter House, and now in Shark Music, O Connell used the enigmatic third person viewpoint She turned us into intruders who watched Mallory Mesmerised voyeurs, we never knew what she thought or what she felt.Did Mallory, in fact, feel In Shark Music, we enter her mind, and the torment and tension of being there is almost unbearable.Far away from New York, the corpse of a man lies on Route 66 This road has become a burial ground for a number of bodies all of little girls, aged between five and seven.Mallory s mother died when she was six She never knew her father She became a street child marked by cold truths and ruinous logic Her chilling manipulation of technology boggles the brain She is literally the ghost in the machine.Why then has she left a paper trail for Riker to follow He knows that she filled Ninth in a series with Kathy Mallory NY detective, former homeless waif I prefer to start at the beginning and I heard this wasn t one of the best I will try again, Listened to it and found it fairly hard to follow, jumped around alot and had a lot of characters, may have been easier to follow in written form.Caravan of cars with parents of missing For those of you who have read the previous 8 Mallory novels, you will love this one in particular for the new insights we get into Mallory s life and history As far as the action goes, it does not disappoint The story once again has so many twists and turns that you have no problem being just as confused as Charles Butler is when he can t figure out what s going on and YOU get to hear ALL of the story and not just his segment I can t praise these books enough They are wonderful Laugh out loud funny at times heart pounding page turners at others My only problem Read this through one night, and remembered, a long time ago my Dad said you can get by with hardly any sleep as long as what kept you awake was a good time I only regretted the lack of sleep a little Mallory elevates her whackness including chipped nail polish, begob , Butler s got his groove back, and Riker is just as entertaining and frumpy, with better skills displayed Didn t care for the FBI, which I m sure O Connell is perfectly happy with Wonder what the history is there The parents made me anxious, as parents can sometimes do The kids were excellent The premise and duelling story lines were O Connel I enjoyed every moment of this ninth book in the series Skillfully written and intricately plotted, the journey Kathy Mallory takes in this book was much than a mere trip down the old Route 66, the search for a missing child was so much than the search for one missing little girl Highly recommend the series the revelat A most excellent 5 star read 4.5

About the Author: Carol O'Connell

Born in 1947, Carol O Connell studied at the California Institute or Arts Chouinard and the Arizona State University She lives in New York City.Series

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