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Eve of Man PRE ORDER EVE OF MAN, THE FIRST BOOK IN A BRAND NEW TRILOGY, JOINTLY WRITTEN BY BESTSELLING AUTHORS GIOVANNA TOM FLETCHER AGAINST ALL ODDS, SHE SURVIVED.THE FIRST GIRL BORN IN FIFTY YEARS.THEY CALLED HER EVE.THE WORLD HAD WAITED FOR HER ARRIVAL WITH BATED BREATH.She Is The Last Girl On Earth, And All Her Life Eve Has Been Kept Away From The Opposite Sex Kept From The Truth Of Her Past.SHE S THE ANSWER TO THEIR PRAYERS THEIR FINAL HOPE.But At Sixteen It S Time For Eve To Face Her Destiny Three Potential Males Have Been Selected For Her The Future Of The World Is In Her Hands She S Always Accepted Her Fate.EVE IS THE SAVIOUR OF HUMANITY.Until She Meets Bram.Eve Wants Control Over Her Life She Wants Freedom.I AM EVE.How Do You Choose Between Love And The Future Of The Human Race EVE OF MAN Is The First In An Explosive New Trilogy By Bestselling Authors Giovanna Tom Fletcher. I haven t read a young adult dystopian novel in a very long time I got so fed up of the very twee love angles that every author threw in and as a woman in her mid 40 s I wanted out of a book which is fine, they re not written for me I choose this to have another try simply because of the authors and it hasn t really made me want to start reading these books again I found it to be a book of two halves and I didn t really enjoy the first half I felt it took too long to get going, there was a lot of descriptions that weren t needed and that could ve been spent on world building and telling me why we had a dystopian future Why did girls stop being born Why did Mother Nature feel a need to wipe out one half of society The second half is much high octane and for me enjoyable as our hero escapes from the Dome and joins in with the band of rebels and mounts various rescue attempts With regards to the world the Dome Tower that the elite live in is very cold and feels quite clinical There s nothing to suggest anyone there is happy and I found it hard to g I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Eve is the first female to be born in 50 years In an ageing world destroyed by man, she s raised away from the conflict in the dome a paradise of school lessons, dancing and talking to her AI friend Holly But there s to Holly than meets the eyes As Eve approaches her 16th birthday, can she accept her inevitable fate as the saviour of her race, or will a forbidden love force secrets out into the open I tried to like this, I really did On paper it should be right up my street Dystopian YA, female lead, ideas of gender suppression but I just found it incredibly simplistic and uninspiring It all just feels a little bit been there, done that with a rather unsophisticated take on The Handmaid s Tale, and this idea that women have been oppressed and controlled, which seems to be a recurrent theme in dystopian fiction at the moment The writing style is very overly descriptive in terms of feelings, which I don t think really works here, as nothing is left for the reader to interpret and develop their own opinions It s all telling, with no subtleties, which I think would have helped elevate the text The world building is also rather limited Other than an overview at the beginning, which gives an outline into the current state of the planet and humanities apparent lack of respect for the environment due to no future generations to pass it to, there s little explanation as to why the world is how it is Why are no female b THAT ENDING THOUGH I NEED MORE 3.5 to 4 The blurb intrigued me and my first thought was the incredible Children of Men The difference is in Children of Men no children had been born for eighteen years Whereas in Eve of Man it s been 50 years since the last baby girl was born.Without females the human race was facing extinction and by the time Eve was born the earth was a mess Men living without hope of a future have abused the world beyond imagination Overconsumption of fossil fuels accelerated global warming Then came the miracle everyone had hoped and prayed for Eve A special dome is created for her so she can live in a perfect world Safe and secure.She even has a best friend Holly She knows Holly isn t real because she s the same age and Eve s the first female born in 50 years But it s nice to have a friend and confidant So Eve lives safe and secure in her perfect world Her only job is to give birth to girls when the time comes To save the human race.I m not sure how sound it is having just one girl to continue the human race but it s all they ve got So putting thoughts of interbreeding aside.Bram has known Eve nearly all her life and while they ve never actually met he s one of the pilots who operates Holly He knows her better than

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