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Epiphany I received a free copy of POWERED EPIPHANY written by Priya Sridhar and illustrated by Meg Owenson in exchange for an honest review This is a short children s book written for ages 8 12 The main character is Kelli Paramar Kelli is obsessed with spending the summer with her best friend playing a new video game system Kelli s problem is that neither she nor her friend actually have the new video game system Kelli s PDF Epiphany Author Priya Sridhar Terrapin Info.co.uk Kelli Talks To Objects, And The Objects Talk Back However, Kelli Has Kept Her Powers Of ESP And Telekinesis Hidden Until A Psychological Study Notices Her Potential Kelli Agrees To The Psychologist S Program, Interested In Learning About Her Abilities She Also Meets Other People With Powers Of Their Own But When Test Subjects Begin To Disappear, Kelli Discovers The Curious Psychologist Is Much Like A Mad Scientist Eager For Power.

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