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Epilogue II: A Bonus Chapter to Hidden Order If You Read And Loved The New York Times Bestseller Hidden Order, Enjoy This Free Bonus Chapter

About the Author: Brad Thor

Thank you for stopping by my GOODREADS author page My new thriller, NEAR DARK arrives on July 21st and is available for pre order now.I have also created an array of terrific bonus material for you at my web site BradThor.com and hope you will visit Happy reading

10 thoughts on “Epilogue II: A Bonus Chapter to Hidden Order

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    A short bonus chapter and secret ending to Hidden Order A fitting ending to the story PS, only included in the paperback edition.

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    A tease to let you know there sto come.At least I HOPE that s what this was Hidden Order is such a good read that I genuinely haven t any adjectives sufficiently superlative to accurately describe it I genuinely look forward to the next step in the journey of Scott Harvath.Mr Thor has done a fantastic job in creating the character of Scott Really

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    Was a good ending

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    OOOO this would have been a great addition to the actual book so I m really glad it was available as a short

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    Great writing as usual

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    Only in the paperback edition Fits well with Hidden Order.

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    This is a short, but wonderfully written teaser for Thor s next book.

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    Aexpected epilogue to Thor s book than that which was originally penned While I am not sure which I prefer, they offer two sides to the Harvath that readers may be forced to choose one or the other.An interesting way to tie off this great novel and offer traditional fans a way to keep from filling Thor s inbox with complaints for how soft Harvath has become

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    So what if you get caught trying to blackmail the United States of America Probably not going to end well I like the new President s style here Hope to seeof him in Act of War I like how this story completely wraps up Hidden Order It s a quick read, light and easy.

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    An additional chapter to Hidden Order which gives a better ending and gives some hints of what is to come.

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