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En la misma clase #3 - Graduación - Primavera S Lo Quedan Unos D As Para El Examen De Saj De Vuelta Del Instituto, Kusakabe Le Sugiere Formalizar A N M S Su Relaci N, Pero Saj Rechaza La Idea Y Acaban Peleados Sin Que Les D Tiempo A Reconciliarse, Saj Se Encamina A Kioto Donde, Para Su Sorpresa, Le Espera Kusakabe All , Pasan Su Primera Noche A Solas Pero Tras Ella, Llega La Hora De Enfrentarse A Lo Inevitable El D A De La Ceremonia De Graduaci N, En Aquella Misma Clase Donde Se Conocieron, Saj Y Kusakabe Habr N De Tomar Una Decisi N Sobre Su Futuro

10 thoughts on “En la misma clase #3 - Graduación - Primavera

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    Wonderful, utterly wonderful.Asumiko Nakamura s final volume in theClassmatesseriesSotsu gyo seigives us a glimpse into the future of her characters with Sajo and Kusakabe now facing their lives and relationship after finishing high school.There s something really special and unique about this series the drawings, so unusu

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    Bitter sweet beautiful series, from start to finish I was hooked Watched the anime and then read the first volume, at the time I had no idea it was a whole series, but man am I glad I found out about it I love how youthful and refreshing these two are and how they come from completely different worlds but managed to fall in love wit

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    I really, really love how this story ended Hara sensei finally got pushedto the background Sajo and Kusakabe are figuring out their professional and personal future together There was, of course, a bit of struggling they had to do but they talked about it view spoiler and got their happy end There even was a positive coming out experience whe

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    cutest sh t ever

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    I m not crying T T this was so beautiful.

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    This series was just really refreshing and vibrant in many ways I liked following the journey of these two young men as they decide what they want out of life and what they need from each other It s a very poignant series.

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    The teacher s still a creep but ahhh I loved it what a good ending.

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    It s you, you are my first love.

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    Ahh so cuteI love this series These two young men are so adorable and their love is touching and effortless I can t recommend this story enough.

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    An amazing end to a wonderful series

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