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Emergency Doctor and Cinderella Prim And Proper Dr Erin Taylor Has Locked Away Her Past And Her Heart A Terrible Childhood Meant She Grew Up Too Quickly, Never Knowing Real Love But The Arrival Of Gorgeous Dr Eamon Chapman Stirs Up Emotions She S Never Experienced Before Eamon S Grand Plans To Overhaul The E.R Cause Sparks To Fly And It Isn T Long Before Good Natured, Witty And Annoyingly Handsome Eamon Discovers The Warm And Vulnerable Beauty Erin Hides He Finds Himself Wanting To Overhaul Erin S Life, Too, By Treating Her Like A Princess And Giving Her The Happy Ever After She Truly Deserves

10 thoughts on “Emergency Doctor and Cinderella

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    This was an ok book I liked the characters ok and the plot was pretty basic There were emotions, good characters but not much variety besides the fam, a steamy scene, good resolution although kinda short and...

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    It was ok didnt bother finishing it and that says alot so a DNF from me

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