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Elis Lie-O-Meter The lie o meter in Eli s home registers what he says as truth or some level of lie a fib, a lie, a big lie, a giant lie, or a whopper As I didn t not want to teach my child that one kind of lie was or less severe than another, I didn t even read it to her. Not enough of a transition between the first four pages about playing pretend and learning to tell the difference between pretending and lying. Nice story, fun illustrations. Great story about telling the truth and the consequences of telling a fib. Eli Knows The Difference Between Pretending And Real Facts Sometimes In Real Life Keeping To The Facts Is Hard For Eli With The Help Of His Parents And The Super Deluxe Lie O Meter, Eli Learns About The Consequences Of His Fibs And The Value Of Telling The Truth.

About the Author: Sandra Levins

When I began writing children s books I fell in love with the message behind the stories and the notion that they can make a positive difference in the lives of children and families This positivity is what I hope for and strive for in all my writing projects.

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