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La Seguridad En El Empleo Es Cosa Del Pasado Y La Competencia En El Mercado De Trabajo Se Ha Hecho Feroz Todos Los Sectores Econ Micos Est N Experimentando Transformaciones Radicales Frente A Esta Situaci N, El Cofundador Y Presidente De LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, Junto Con Ben Casnocha, Plantean Que La Clave Para Impulsar T El mejor negocio eres tú / The Start-up of You: Adáptate al futuro, invierte en ti mismo e impulsa tu carrera / Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself and Boosts Your Career

About the Author: Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman is a Partner at Greylock, and Co Founder and Executive Chairman at LinkedIn.Reid joined Greylock Partners in 2009 His areas of focus include consumer Internet, enterprise 2.0, mobile, social gaming, online marketplaces, payments, and social networks Reid likes to work with products that can reach hundreds of millions of participants and businesses that have network effects.An accomplished entrepreneur, executive and angel investor, Hoffman has played an integral part in building many of today s leading consumer technology businesses, including LinkedIn and PayPal He possesses a unique understanding of consumer behavior and the dynamics of viral businesses as well as deep experience in driving companies from the earliest stages through periods of explosive growth.Hoffman co founded LinkedIn, the world s largest professional networking service, in 2003 LinkedIn is thriving withthan 63 million members in 200 countries around the world and a diversified revenue model that includes subscriptions, advertising and software licensing Hoffman led LinkedIn through its first four years and to profitability as Chief Executive Officer,Prior to LinkedIn Hoffman served as executive vice president at PayPal, where he was a founding board member At PayPal he was responsible for all external relationships, including payments infrastructure, business development, international, government and legal Reid was instrumental to PayPal s acquisition by Ebay and responsible for partnerships with Intuit, Visa, MasterCard and Wells Fargo.Reid is a board observer at Airbnb, Gowalla, and Swipely and is a director at Zynga, Mozilla Corp., Six Apart, Shopkick, and He is an angel investor in numerous influential Internet companies, including Digg, Facebook, Flickr,, Ning, Six Apart and Zynga.Hoffman earned a Master s degree in Philosophy from Oxford University, where he was a Marshall Scholar, and a Bachelor s degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, where he graduated with distinction In 2010 Reid was the recipient of an SD Forum Visionary Award and named a Henry Crown Fellow by The Aspen Institute.

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    My take aways 1 The faster way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be 2 The Interesting People Fund concept Set aside a bit of money for going out for coffee, lunch, or flying to Boston for a meeting with interesting people It s an investment in yourself.3 The best way to make sure that lucky things happen is to make sure a lot of things happen 4 Tal

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    The basic premise of thesis book is the following the entrepreneurial mindset and attitude are essential for anyone s career in today s economy Thinking like an entrepreneur is not anyreserved just for the ultra ambitious, well funded Silicon Valley types in order to succeed in today s job market everyone has to adopt many of the practices that successful entrepreneurs have been employing for decad

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    I make it a point not to take career advice from people who make money off of giving me career advice however, I am thinking of living by example and making money off of people for giving them career advice But I wasn t looking for career advice from this book Someone recommended it to me and thought it was something I d like to read I didn t get it at first I care little about advancing in my career,

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    What a waste of time this is There is really no information that cannot be found in 100 1000 other business books that are better This is an extended commercial for LinkedIn which I use and really like for the record, but I don t need to read the infomercial Also, some of the message seems to be its who you know True dat, but not very helpful advice unless you are teaching people how to connect.By way of

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    Another great book on the power of networking It is co authored by the creator of Linkedin, which has surprisingly to many, been around for a lot longer that new comers like Facebook The book is primarily aimed at those people on the career treadmill looking to make a change, however the information provided is certainly applicable to anyone.This book addresses networking as something you give before you re

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    I stopped writing reviews but this one is a life changer, either you re an employee, young entrepreneur or a business man, you should definetly read it, it s a lifetime experience in a capsule By one of the most successful people in our generation.

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    An easy read with lots of good nuggets on self development, properly using your network, and giving back Probably my favourite book on career advice.

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    Unfortunately cannot remember much after some months of reading it Should write down my notes earlier S Re readability yes Note 4 5The motivation for the book is one idea the steady career paths of the past are gone Today s environment is extremely dynamic and we should be adaptable and ready to change jobs multiple times.The solution for the authors is to think one s life and career a start up, orsimply put, be pro

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    Other reviews provide a good summary of what s in the book so I m just sharing some disparate things that stood out for me Upfront, Reid Hoffman states that this is not a job hunting manual It s about giving you a mindset that you need to adapt to the future In his true fashion of always thinking about how he can make an impact on the world, he says More broadly, society flourishes when people think entrepreneurially M

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    When the former Executive VP of PayPal and co founder of LinkedIn writes a book on networking and entrepreneurship, it s a good bet he knows what he s talking about and your time would be well spent reading it.His analogies and concrete examples of networking done well bring the strategic advice to life for the reader The personal perspective on how networking between the former founders of PayPal influenced further caree

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