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El libro de arena El Primero De Los Cuentos Reunidos Aqu Retoma El Tema Del Doble Los Protagonistas De El Otro Son Lo Bastante Distintos Para Ser Dos Y Lo Bastante Parecidos Para Ser Uno Ulrica Es La Historia De Un Amor Ef Mero El Congreso Describe Una Empresa Tan Vasta Que Se Confunde Con El Cosmos Y Con La Suma De Los D As Undr Y El Espejo Y La M Scara Son Relatos Sobre Literaturas Seculares Que Constan De Una Sola Palabra, Mientras Que Otras Piezas Imaginan Objetos Inconcebibles Como Un Libro De Infinitas P Ginas Un Volumen Impredecible Y A La Vez Monstruoso El Libro De Arena.

About the Author: Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo, usually referred to as Jorge Luis Borges Spanish pronunciation xo xe lwis bo xes , was an Argentine writer and poet born in Buenos Aires In 1914, his family moved to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain On his return to Argentina in 1921, Borges began publishing his poems and essays in Surrealist literary journals He also wo

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    Aesthetic experience is extraordinary in the sense that it is always ours alone, uniquely ours And some aesthetic experiences hit us right between the eyes with a knockout punch these are encounters we will never forget One such encounter was my reading this collection of stories by Jorge Luis Borges some thirty years ago T

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    This is one of Borges last books, and many of the pieces here are less than his best The Congress, however, is a tale of the microcosm as powerful and effective as The Aleph, and The Book of Sand is also one of Borge s finest stories The Sect of Thirty is an excellent short piece, and the theological implications of this account o

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    There s something really sensory and textured about JLB s fiction writing Reading his work always invokes the distinct smell of dusty leather bound books, the creaking sounds of flawed wood floors lightly tread upon by anonymous figures in the corridors of giant, empty houses, the odors of burnt coffee and blackened toast, a wind gust th

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    It s not the reading that matters, but the rereading So true of all JLB s worksI have the Collected Fictions, but am splitting my review of that into its components, listed in publication order Collected Fictions all reviews The Book of Sand is the eighth, published in 1975 After the generally quite straightforward stories of Brodie s Report, t

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    By The Book of Sand Jorge Luis Borges continues his lifelong trek through the paradoxical land of human mind.In The Other he meets himself in person but his doppelganger is younger and they have a grand intellectual discussion Well, I too meet myself every day in the mirror but so far we have no conversations God forefend I find my sadne

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    So much of how we react to the books we read is determined by circumstance and expectation When I read Borges Fictions at the beginning of this year, I had heard a lot about the author and had very high expectations I did enjoy Fictions, but in all honesty it didn t quite match my expectations, and I didn t appreciate it as much as I should hav

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    Books are made to be reread, says Borges in one of his short stories I definitely have to reread this oneX maybe in one year, maybe in ten or maybe one short story a month short story is not completely accurate Borges has the power to create whole universes in just a few pages there are so many motives and themes in this book, it is simply overwhelming He talks abo

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    While I did enjoy a couple of these stories, for the most part I was left feeling quite bored by this collection I don t know if it s because I was reading in French which isn t my first language or because the book is a translation and the magic got lost in translation, either one is entirely possible I am still glad I read it though, it s something I never would have re

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    Once upon a time once upon a long time when I was in high school we read one of Borhes stories, I don t remember which one but I remember liking it a lot And ever since that day I got it into my head that I would like his other stuff don t ask me why, I just did albeit it took me years to get my hands on something of his and to actually see if that s true.Sadly, I didn t feel mu

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    In this short story, you can find a Scotsman, a discussion on bibliophilism and on a not very famous but known to every reader feeling that some books take over your soul I had books like the book of sand in my life Some I had to stop for a period They took over too much of my imagination and of my life too if I m honest I loved those books and felt sad when I finished it This story is

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