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Echoes of Love (Jane Austen in 21st Century) An up to date modern interpretation of one of my favourite Jane Austen novels, Persuasion Felix Wentworth is back from fighting in Afghanistan Anna is still in love with him Can they overcome the issues which initially pulled them apart and finally find happiness together A fantastic book Rosi I was feeling pretty guilty about rereading during break, and I went on a Reserves binge where you reserve 15 books at a time and they all come in at once and you only read half happen to anyone else And don t tell me about pausing, I can t ever figure it out Well, luckily this book did arrive in time, and it was lovely, 3 1 2 stars As I have mentioned once or twice, I love modern Jane Austen I noticed this Rushton lady has quite a series with sadly cheesy titles and covers so I figured I would give the Persuasion version a go Good adaptation of the Dad as a reality star, and Wentworth as a Marine I also like Anna Eliot Adored The Gorgeous Felix Wentworth, But Still Called An End To Their Relationship As Time Passes, Anna Wonders If Strict Parents, Interfering Friends And Misplaced Loyalties Had To Do With It Than She Wants To Admit Two Years Later, Felix, Who S Been Fighting In Afghanistan, Is Back Anna Longs To Rekindle Their Relationship But Will He Give Her A Second Chance Or Will The Echoes Of The Past Prove Too Difficult To Overcome An Evocative Tale Of The Perils Of Listening To Others, Instead Of Your Own Heart. I really like this book, no, I love it I ve just read the original Persuasion before reading this one, as it is adapted from it You know I just wanted to know the real story before I read the adaption, and usually people say that the original is a lot better Well in this case, it is not true This was a lot interesting and a lot romantic Anna is definitally in love, and Felix is one of the sweetest guys I ve ever read in a book, and he was in love too, so it just made the perfect story To be honest I did look for similarities between Echoes of Love and Persuasion, and there were many, but there were many differences too, obviously, as Echoes of Love is set in the 21st century, so it was bound to be differnt in many ways, such there is no heir who inherits the estate, and there is no such thing as beneicial marriage at a young age without being in love, no, there isn t even a relationship without two people being in love or fancying one and another, and so on, and so on.But I was satisfied with the whole story, even though Anna and Felix didn t meet again until the 165th page, which is way over the m Persuasion is novel so close to my heart that I have vowed to be the expert on it and all adaptations retellings that come with it.This is certainly one of the best I have seen, while it is a teen novel, even now I find it compelling and entertaining What I loved about this is it told the reader how Anne and Freddie got together, and how their separation went, they also made the reason that Freddie is home from the services very modern While I enjoyed a look into the past, it did take up a lot of the story and left about half to the original itself Still, I wouldn t skip over this part of the story when I reread it in the future.Something I rate the retelling by is the ending, and my god, the ending was good here While nothing will ever compare to the original ending the letter still gives me goosebumps Rushton gave it her all and it really paid off.I never reall Nice for very young adults tweensA good, gentle way to interest tweens and very young adults in Persuasion The re visioning of Walter Eliot is particularly good. The story line is loosely based on Persuation by Jane Austen There are some similarities, and of course many differences For one, the main characters are much younger, also the setting is in the 21st century, and the most important is that the time line covered only a number of months and not years as in the original.Overall the story line is very similar a girl meets a boy, then breaks up with him after a pressure from her family, meets him again and gets him back.I found the characters a bit lacking, not well developed I found Anna a bit anoying since I was expec this book was sooo sweet a really good ending this book was a modern classic take on the classic book persuassion By Jane Austen it really retold the story well and Rosie but the modern day into this book cleverly this book has elements of love,passion and regret in.if you are looking for a nice summer read or you really just want a quite easy read this is defiantly your book i can t wait to read some of the other books rosie rushton has wri Anna is the daughter of Walter Elliot, a washed up has been TV personality Walter has been out of work for over a year and has refused to curb his lifestyle, which has caused major financial difficulties for the Elliot s Family friend Marina has convinced Walter to move rent free into an apartment near the marina where he can house sit for her friends, while a nice couple pays to rent out the family estate Marina begins telling Anna about the couple that is going to be renting out the house when Anna suddenly gets the feeling that she s heard of them before Turns out the couple renting the house are the aunt and uncle of Felix Wentworth, the love of Anna s life All would be well with their being there, except for the fact that Anna s family came between her and Felix two years earlier, tearing them apart Anna comes to learn that Felix is going to be visiting them for the summer while he is on leave from the military, and sees that she might have a chance to win him back if she can prove her love and remorse Will she be able to convi Let me start by saying that Persuasion is my favourite Austen novel and when I found out that my library s Overdrive collection includes a modern day adaptation of the story, I immediately included it in my wish list The best part about Persuasion is its focus on second chances at love and the maturity of its characters Anne has to overcome her sense of duty and reach out towards what she really wants while Captain Wentworth has to understand the circumstances under which she made her decision all those years ago and learn to forgive her That said, perhaps it is unfair to compare Echoes of Love, in my opinion, to one of the most enduring love stories ever written But when an author is writing an adaptation of a classic, comparisons are inevitable While Austen s story endures, it is also woefully behind in terms of representation This is where Echoes of Love triumphs It s portrayal of a POC protagonist in Wentworth and by extension, his family, and a person with a disability in Shannon Smith enables the story to be modern and inclusive than the original However, the author spent so much time describing Anna and Felix s first

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