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Dreamveil View Our Feature On Lynn Viehl S DreamveilFrom The New York Times Bestselling Author Rowan Dietrich Grew Up On The Streets Now She S Out To Start Anew, Find A Job And Keep Her Identity As A Kyndred Secret, As Well As Her Ability To Dreamveil Herself Into The Object Of Others Desires But Rowan Isn T Using Her Gift When World Class Chef Jean Marc Dansant Is Stricken By Her Beauty And Strength And When Dark Secrets From Her Past Threaten Her New Life And Love, Rowan Realizes She Can T Run Forever

About the Author: Lynn Viehl

Also see S.L Viehl, Gena Hale, Jessica Hall Rebecca Kelly.She writes mostly novels in a variety of genres and under several pseudonyms Among them are science fiction as S L Viehl , romantic fiction as Lynn Viehl, Gena Hale, and Jessica Hall , and Christian fiction as Rebecca Kelly She has described herself as primarily a writer of romance no matter what genre she is working in, an element of romance will always be present.In what spare time remains she enjoys quilting, reading, cooking, painting, and knitting She currently lives with her family in Florida.

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    Dreamveil wraps a mystery in a mystery and ties it with a mystery bow, LOL Everything s a mystery heroine Rowan s powers, the identity of her accomplices, the identities of the villains, the hero, this homeless girlYou get the picture Dreamveil engaged my curiosity at every turn We know nothingthan Rowan Dietrich when we re in her head, and Rowan doesn t suddenly explain her origins to herself I love that about Viehl s works, along with her

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    Having escaped an abusive home and her life as a teen on the streets, Rowan had vowed never to return to New York But starting over once again, Rowan is just passing through when an accident strands her amid the ghosts of her past and lands her on the doorstep of Jean Marc Dusant s exclusive restaurant and, somehow, Rowan finds herself ensconced in an apartment above the restaurant, with a muscular yet grumpy neighbor and a with a job working f

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    At 70% the hammer fell on my head, in the novel this happened later near the end I couldn t believe it It does take some guts to make this kind of choice in a romance novel But then one of the reasons I love her books is they are so unconventional Mostly UF with a big plot extending along novels, with some romantic thread.A choral work.

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    One of our GR buddies mentioned one time how difficult it is to write reviews for books you feel gushy about If you havent noticed, I too have a difficult time writing reviews for books I consider 5 star if you care to take a gander at some of my five starred reviews,than one has review to come I have good intentions to get back to them because I m always just stumped to put into words why I liked it so immediately after but I just cant seem to man

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    I enjoyed Viehl s Darkyn series, but think she has gotten very creative with her Kyndred series She has such wonderful characters and an amazing story I wish she would do another book with the same main characters so I can see how their unique romance develops I highly recommend both series for pnr fans.

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    4.5 stars Fast paced roller coaster of a story with many twists and turns In Shadowlight the first book in the series, we learned that years ago evil scientists conducted genetic experiments on orphans, resulting in those kids growing up to be different with unique powers They are known as the Kyndred As adults, a few of them formed a secret group, so they could talk to others of their kind But that s when they found out the scientists were not gone th

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    Lynn Viehl can certainly tell a story that was on the cover of the book, and I had to concur I am completely enad in the world Lynn Viehl has created It s simple, but actually completely complex How s that for not making sense I loved the Darkyn Novels Her novels are not stand alone in my opinion If you haven t followed the series from the beginning then you would definitely get lost I love that about the books, if feels like one continual story with lit

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    I loved the Darkyn series, and after only two books about the Kyndred, I m very taken with this series as well OK, bad pun, since the Kyndred call themselves the Takyn, but I couldn t resistGenetic experiments have given unique skills to the Takyn, such as telekenesis Rowan can dreamveil by touching someone, she can appear to be the person who is loved by the one touched, so it is understandable that she wants to find out if she s loved by the one she love

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    awesome, like the others

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    The world that Lynn Viehl has created, with its melding of science and vampires, is not the easiest to wrap one s mind around, with all of its complexities and twists, but it is entirely original, and genuinely interesting in all respects Beyond that, what makes this book stand out in the increasingly crowded field of paranormal romance, is the actual romance Viehl has created, and sufficiently developed, three main characters who are easy to root for, and com

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