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Dreams of Peace and Freedom: Utopian Moments in the Twentieth Century In The Wake Of The Monstrous Projects Of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, And Others In The Twentieth Century, The Idea Of Utopia Has Been Discredited Yet, Historian Jay Winter Suggests, Alongside The Major Utopians Who Murdered Millions In Their Attempts To Transform The World Were Disparate Groups Of People Trying In Their Own Separate Ways To Imagine A Radically Better World This Original Book Focuses On Some Of The Twentieth Century S Minor Utopias Whose Stories, Overshadowed By The Horrors Of The Holocaust And The Gulag, Suggest That The Future Need Not Be As Catastrophic As The Past.The Book Is Organized Around Six Key Moments When Utopian Ideas And Projects Flourished In Europe 1900 The Paris World S Fair , 1919 The Paris Peace Conference , 1937 The Paris Exhibition Celebrating Science And Light , 1948 The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights , 1968 Moral Indictments And Student Revolt , And 1992 The Emergence Of Visions Of Global Citizenship Winter Considers The Dreamers And The Nature Of Their Dreams As Well As Their Connections To One Another And To The History Of Utopian Thought By Restoring Minor Utopias To Their Rightful Place In The Recent Past, Winter Fills An Important Gap In The History Of Social Thought And Action In The Twentieth Century.

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