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Doctor Who 1917 The Great War Is At Its Fiercest And Most Terrible But Things Are About To Get Even Worse Armaments Manufacturer Lord Hellcombe Has A New Secret Weapon He Believes Will Win The War But When The Doctor Witnesses The Final Demonstration He Begins To Realize How Much Danger Everyone Is In Lord Hellcombe Claims To Have Invented The Dalek Except, Of Course, That Nothing Is Quite What It Seems Now, The Doctor And His New Friends Must Draw On Every Type Of Early 20th Century Technology And Every Element Of Human Ingenuity And Bravery If They Are To Discover The Truth And Survive To Prevent The Entire Western Front Of World War One From Becoming Part Of The Dalek Project

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    What would happen if the Daleks tried to influence the outcome of one of the World wars Wait they already tried that It was called Victory of the Daleks The Dalek project presents something very similar, only this time The Doctor s greatest foes are trying to influence the outcome of World War I This graphic novel has it s roots in some of the classic Dalek stories As I said it reminded me of Vic

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    I love Doctor Who And this graphic novel felt so much like the show it was great It has the classic Doctor Who tropes like the witty doctor, courageous self sacrificing companions, near escapes, and of course the D...

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    This graphic novel was interesting I really like the style of the drawing, and I liked the style of the story, too The story is not like a hero story, which uses the special power to kill the bad guy This book isabout a clever doctor, who used his brilliant mind to solve some problems, find the evidence from old time, and defeat the evil.The book is exciting I saw that the son of professor was killed, but

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    This is the first Doctor Who graphic Novel I have read and I was really impressed by it I was a little trepidations about embarking on the Doctor Who comics because A the last thing I need is a new obsession and B because I have heard mixed reviews about the quality of the story lines however I am happy to report that this installation was very entertaining I thought the art work was great, the story was though

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    I ll say for this one close to the same thing I said for the last one It was a great story, a fast read, and nothing s really better than Doctor Whobut, I ve seen this storyline before In this story, the Eleventh Doctor is looking into how the Daleks meddled with World War I He doesn t have a companion in this one, so I m just assuming it s after Amy and Rory left and before the Doctor found Clara It would be nice t

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    Justin Richards and Mike Collins have created this cool graphic novel The images are clever, well detailed and compelling The bubble text placement works well I enjoy history, and appreciate that there is some non fiction contained in this read This novel is full of action...

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    Huge Dr Who fan here my son and I just binge watched the final episodes of season 7 as well as The Day of the Doctor I figured since we re due for a regeneration at the beginning of season 8, I should read the graphic novel featuring the Eleventh Doctor Anything with Daleks is sure to catch and keep attention, and we know the whole timey wimey thing can take us anywhere a...

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    This is the first Doctor Who novel I ve read although I ve been watching the TV show since the Tom Baker days off and on and I intentionally looked for a book that wasn t a retelling of a TV episode so that I could judge it on it s own merits and I think that this Doctor Who adventure belongs in the Whovian cannon There was a similar story set during WW2 about the Daleks being used to end the war This story in this book is set dur

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    Myself being an extreme whovian I had utterly high expectations At first I became truly interested, this graphic novel had a balance of action and adventure and sci fi all in one But It honestly wasn t graphic novel of the year The animation in this graphic novel is amazing, if you get past small issues the wrong eye color, something out of place etc The explosions and colors for the action scenes were great but I thought there were to

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    return return As with a number of the recent Who novels, this is aimed at a slightly younger readership, with the Doctor s co adventurers being three children rescued from a spaceship by him after their parents death no novel with Clara yet, as far as I know, although she has been on the show since April, or perhaps longer depending how you count I was very interested to note that, like Malorie Blackman s The Ripple Effect published last mo

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