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Doctor Who: Illegal Alien After the last two badly written Who books this was a breath of fresh air The BBC books are far superior to the Virgin editions Best Cybermen tale I ve ever read. What a great past doctor novel.I loved that it was based in Southwark, London as I ve recently visited the place for a play last month and Jersey which is a island I love very much and have been to it twice It was interesting comparing it to the world war two Dr Who novels in Virgin New adventures Timewyrm Exodus and Just War This was very early in Ace days with the Doctor so that s how I imagined it with it being mentioned she never visited this era before but when she did.I love Mcbride I loved t This would have made a great TV episode, but as a book it feels a bit overly padded.Great historical setting and always good to see the Cybermen Though, the human bad guy didn t quite work for me Never really bought his motivation.A I had only read a few lines of chapter one before I was supplying the easy American drawl of a thousand private eye voice overs A minute or so later I knew that the location was London during the blitz and that a serial killer, dubbed The Limehouse Lurker, was at work in the bomb damaged streets Put that damn light out, shouts a warden a few pages later in true Dad s Army fashion By now the main supporting character is firmly established, the scene is set and I haven t yet resorted to flipping the pages to see how far I ve got to read before the Doctor turns up The combination of the private eye and the sardonic Special Branch man Mullen are as familiar as the Tardis crew The tv series often borrowed from other genres in order to create atmosphere in a short space of time Mix in Nazi spies and some very old enemies as the cover summary hints blowing the surprise completely with the front cover and the caption Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace plus the Cybermen and you have a marvellous d but for the Tucker Perry partnership Whenever the cyber mats turned up during the tv series when I was a kid it wasn t a case of hiding behind the sofa, it was like out the door, so i First Doctor Who book I ve read in a while, and I really enjoyed diving back into the Doctor Who universe This one focused on the Seventh Doctor and Ace, and I really got to know the characters, as I never watched Seven s episodes It was just f Britain is at war Night after night the Luftwaffe are bombing London A serial killer dubbed the Limehouse Lurker is stalking the rubble strewn streets But a deadlier threat falls from the sky in the shape of a sinister silver sphereCody McBride, ex pat American private eye, sees the sphere crash land and split open and glimpses something emerging from within But the military dismiss his account of events the sphere is simply a new German secret weapon that has malfunctioned in some way What else could it be Arriving amid the chaos, the Doctor and Ace are the only people to believe McBride The sphere bears all the hallmarks of sophisticated alien technology and whatever was inside it is now loose in London.Before long, they have embarked on a trail that brings them face to face with hidden Nazi operatives and some very old enemies..This story features the 7th Doctor, as played by Sylvester McCoy, and his companion Ace who has always been one of my favourite companions She was very we Mullen scratched his head But There isn t a police box by The Doctor shushed him Trust me, Inspector He looked at them both, steely eyed Now, when I say run, run Just this afternoon Wednesday 31 May, 2006 I finished my re read of this Doctor Who Series bookIllegal AlienEven though I don t normally like stories set in WWII England this has the bonus feature of being Sci Fi with The Doctor and Ace, a couple of strange characters and an old enemy The Cybermen A wonderful read I enjoyed it much better this time reading it than I did when I first read it six Years ago I wasn t sure if I had read it before, so I started to read it and sure enough by the second page I realized I had read it before In typical 7th Doctor fashion, the Doctor is mysterious and seems to not only be playing games Particularly Chess but also one step ahead of everyone else Except he isn t one step ahead of his enemies In typical Ace fashion she runs off in excitement over somethin The Blitz Is At Its Height As The Luftwaffe Bomb London, Cody McBride, Ex Pat American Private Eye, Sees A Sinister Silver Sphere Crash Land He Glimpses Something Emerging From Within The Military Dismiss His Account Of Events The Sphere Must Be A New German Secret Weapon That Has Malfunctioned In Some Way What Elsecould It Be Arriving Amid The Chaos, The Doctor And Ace Embark On A Trail That Brings Them Face To Face With Hidden Nazi Agents, And Encounter Some Very Old Enemies An Adventure Featuring The Seventh Doctor, As Played By Sylvester McCoy, And His Companion Ace Poor Sylvester McCoy He and Paul McGann never got the best of circumstances to play the doctor Still, he should count himself lucky his Doctor was the subject of this adventure set in WWII era London The premise of this book is stellar during the blitzkreig, a scientist goes missing after discovering a strange egg shaped object that fell from the sky Ace and the 7th doctor have come to check out these reports and to give Ace a history lesson on how England dealt with the bombings All the while, a mysterious figure wrapped in a cloak is killing people in dark alleyways For fans of the 1987 89 era Doctor

About the Author: Mike Tucker

Mike Tucker is a special effects expert who worked for many years at the BBC Television Visual Effects Department, and now works as an Effects Supervisor for his own company, The Model Unit He is also the author of a number of original tv tie in Doctor Who novels some co written with Robert Perry , and three books based on episodes of the television series Merlin He co wrote the factual books A

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