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Dirty Joe, the Pirate The Dreaded Dirty Joe And His Piratical Crew Sail In Search Of The Smelliest Treasure Ever Dirty Socks The Rogues Cheerfully Pillage Their Way Across The Seven Seas, Until The Day They Run Across Another Band Of Pirates One Led By The Notorious Stinky Annie Has Dirty Joe Finally Met His Match From Grammy Award Winning Storyteller Bill Harley And Bestselling Illustrator Jack E Davis Comes A Zany, Tongue Twisting, Side Splitting Tale Certain To Be Prized By Budding Buccaneers

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    People may think I m taking this too seriously, or I m too sensitive, and I m okay with that This IS a fun story But I find the underwear bounty disturbing Forcing someone else to give you their socks is one thing Forcing someone to give you their underwear is a violation, and I have no desire to teach my children that it is appropriate, or that they have to

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    This book reminds me again that women do rule, and it can still be fun for both genders to share one world Dirty Joe is a pirate who lives for the adventure of pilfering dirty socks and underwear for his decidedly all male crew This, of course, does not stop his sister and her Navy of bloomer robbing baronesses from competing for his stash The battle of the se

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    I swear I am not a prude, but really When was it deemed o.k in children s stories to steal underpants from others as they wear them In real life isn t that considered sexual assault And would this book...

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    Read at Storytime September 13thTheme Pirates

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    Dirty Joe is a pirate who sails the seven seas, attacking ships and stealing their stinky socks He finally meets his match when he runs up against Stinky Annie and her crew of women pirates who steal underwear It turns out that Annie is his older sister She bests him in the figh...

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    First I must start by saying that I love pirate books and I love silly books This book is both It is about a pirate who steals stinky socks from other ships But one day he comes upon Stinky Annie who is a female pirate with an all female crew She loves to steal stinky underwear The two battle it out I won t give the ending away.I was okay with this book at first I

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    This was a really fun book to read All about a little boy who raids other ships to get their socks, that s the bounty they set out to steal from others Then they come across a ship with a female captain who is well known for always getting the bounty that she wants, which is others underwear The ending was an unexpected twist when it turns out that the boy captain

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    I loved this Ultra cute true stroy of Dirty Joe the Pirate who sails the seas in search of dirty socks Dirty Joe is truly a terror everywhere he goes until he suddenly comes up against Stinky Annie and her band of one hundred women who sail in search ofunderwear Dirty Joe s crew is a bit afraid because as everyone knows, you can t be a pirate without underwear Will

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    Dirty Joe the pirate sails the high seas in search of ships to plunderfor their socks But he meets his match when he encounters Stinky Annie Her ship of all girl pirates lovs to plunder too But they plunder forunderwear When the two meet it s a battle for the ages Stinky Annie s crew fights bare footed When Stinky Annie and Dirty Joe meet, they realize they look fami

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    This is the story of Dirty Joe the pirate who sails the seven seas in search of socks He and his dastardly crew take socks from everyone and hang them up on their ship One day, they run across Pirate Annie who takes everyone s underwear There is a mighty battle, and a secret is revealed This is a fun and silly romp in the realm of pirates and siblings, all done in poe

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