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Digital Minimalism Such an important work of non fiction for anyone who would like to evaluate their relationship with social media I loved this book it spurred me to take a 30 day break from Instagram, and I look forward to re reading it in the future to keep me thin I like the idea in here less is We do not need all the apps and the social platforms He s definitely talking to someone like me here I am not a huge consumer of these platforms mostly this is age related However, I listened to his book using audible and some apps have really helped me expand my mind meditation apps and audible are two There is no room in Newport s framework for using smartphones in a good way He s sort of an intellectual luddite I get this and sometimes I think it s easier to draw crisp and bright lines and never walk over them PDF Epub Digital Minimalism By Cal Newport Ls17.eu Minimalism Is The Art Of Knowing How Much Is Just Enough Digital Minimalism Applies This Idea To Our Personal Technology It S The Key To Living A Focused Life In An Increasingly Noisy World.In This Timely And Enlightening Book, The Bestselling Author Of Deep Work Introduces A Philosophy For Technology Use That Has Already Improved Countless Lives.Digital Minimalists Are All Around Us They Re The Calm, Happy People Who Can Hold Long Conversations Without Furtive Glances At Their Phones They Can Get Lost In A Good Book, A Woodworking Project, Or A Leisurely Morning Run They Can Have Fun With Friends And Family Without The Obsessive Urge To Document The Experience They Stay Informed About The News Of The Day, But Don T Feel Overwhelmed By It They Don T Experience Fear Of Missing Out Because They Already Know Which Activities Provide Them Meaning And Satisfaction.Now, Newport Gives Us A Name For This Quiet Movement, And Makes A Persuasive Case For Its Urgency In Our Tech Saturated World Common Sense Tips, Like Turning Off Notifications, Or Occasional Rituals Like Observing A Digital Sabbath, Don T Go Far Enough In Helping Us Take Back Control Of Our Technological Lives, And Attempts To Unplug Completely Are Complicated By The Demands Of Family, Friends And Work What We Need Instead Is A Thoughtful Method To Decide What Tools To Use, For What Purposes, And Under What Conditions.Drawing On A Diverse Array Of Real Life Examples, From Amish Farmers To Harried Parents To Silicon Valley Programmers, Newport Identifies The Common Practices Of Digital Minimalists And The Ideas That Underpin Them He Shows How Digital Minimalists Are Rethinking Their Relationship To Social Media, Rediscovering The Pleasures Of The Offline World, And Reconnecting With Their Inner Selves Through Regular Periods Of Solitude He Then Shares Strategies For Integrating These Practices Into Your Life, Starting With A Thirty Day Digital Declutter Process That Has Already Helped Thousands Feel Less Overwhelmed And In Control.Technology Is Intrinsically Neither Good Nor Bad The Key Is Using It To Support Your Goals And Values, Rather Than Letting It Use You This Book Shows The Way. I ve been thinking a lot these days about making deliberate tech choices No one human not even Steve Jobs ever expected technology to invade our lives the way it has Instead, keeping us tethered to our tech and pulling that lever became the most popular and obvious way to monetize the Internet, and we individuals became, not the consumers, but the product being sold And instead of cutting ourselves some slack billions of dollars have been spent in the name of making the screens around us stickier and sticker, is it any wonder we re drawn in we feel guilty, as I did the other night, about being too weak to just shut it off and look away The perfect antidote to that guilt is Cal Newport s Digital Minimalism Newport skips the guilt noting that we didn t ask for this and really could not have been prepared for it and challenges to ask oursel If you are ready to make radical changes in your approach to tech in your life, this book is for you It has been life altering in the best possible ways for me I m noticing that the people who aren t ready to make changes tend to get defensive and call Newport a Luddite However, if you almost never use your phone except for making phone calls or don t use social media, you can probably skip it Or Deleted Facebook and Facebook messenger off my phone thanks to this book Hard not to feel guilty over phone use after reading, probably because I know I waste too much time on it.Would read this one again to help ingrain the importance of living the minimally digital lifeThe tycoons of social media have to stop pretending that th Cal Newport s Digital Minimalism is Marie Kondo s tidying philosophy applied to technology technology isn t inherently bad or good, but it should be judiciously curated to fit your pre existing values of what constitutes a good life Rather than going to Facebook or Instagram or a news feed of breaking news to find human connection and entertainment, pre decide what you value in the spheres of entertainment and connection and then tailor the tools of social media to achieve those pre defined objectives The structure of Newport s arguments social media tools like Facebook and Twitter have been ruthlessly engineered to take up as much of our time as possible the human brain is built in such a way that we become anxious and stressed seeking these notifications, yet their arrival fails to meet our need for real social communication eliminating the things we ve come to take for granted constant access to a mobile phone, social media, and the internet is much possible than it sounds and is likely to result in significant long term benefits This l The author of this book is a prime example of how one can be very successful, and at the same time incredibly unimaginative.When the title caught my attention at a bookstore, I had been feeling for a long time that my own consumption of digital content has gotten out of hand This looks like something you should read, said one of the better angels of my nature brace for many Abraham Lincoln stories if you decide to read the book With unintended irony, I impulsively Google searched the book on my phone right there in the bookstore probably blocking an aisle in the process and I discovered that the author had previously written a couple of how to ace all your exams self help guides That immediately raised an orange flag for me But I thought that a whole book on how I should put away my phone from time to time could serve as a good reminder I might finally make some long due changes If not by good argumentation, then by sheer ad nauseam nagging.I tend to think that s the whole point of self help to hammer home the idea that some change is needed, not to teach you anything new per se No one that ever needed to lose weight, make friends, or clean their room was ever oblivious to those realities But purchasing a paperback where someone tells you exactly that, page after page, could actually push you towards that change, while I badly wanted to like this book I really did Because I have very much enjoyed other books by Cal Newport So Good That They Can t Ignore You and Deep Work Both have inspired me a lot and I have recommended these to others in many occasions.This book was way below my expectations I m afraid it s not the book, it s me The practical value for me was minimal as I have already implemented a lot of things he proposes in the book.As Cal Newport mentions that he sees the digital minimalism trend gaining momentum I thought this book has the potential to be the bible for this movement But I don t believe that happens because the message in this book is not clear enough There are really no core underlying principles for this digital minimalism philosophy that Cal Newport tries to communicate in this book or he just did a poor job at it I would have expected that he would lay out the laws or principles of digital minimalist at the start of the book and reinforce them through anecdotes in the rest of the book For me there were only loosely related anecdotes where sometimes I scratched my head and thought how is that relevant to this topic This boo Cal Newport provided practical advice on how to embrace the philosophy of Digital Minimalism Spend time alone to gain solitude Leave your phone at home Take long walks Write letters to yourself journaling Don t click likes Avoid falling into the slot machine feedback loop of likes Consolidate texting hold conversation office hours Reclaiming conversations Reclaim Leisure prioritize demanding leisure activity over pass consumption use skills to produce valuable things in the physical world seek leisure activities with real world, structured social interactions fix, or build something every week schedule low quality leisure join something e.g a community follow leisu

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