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Devil Ash Deceit DEVIL ASH SAGA BOOK 2 Half Human Half Devil Ash Kaplan Is Still Stuck In Hell When He S Not Out Risking His Life Fighting Demons He S Doing Deadly Odd Jobs For His Boss Goddard Ash S Days Of Slacking Off Are Over Though After Getting Their Butts Kicked A Few Too Many Times, Ash And His Teammates Begin A Strict And Potentially Lethal Training Program Rebel Activity Is On The Rise In Hell And Ash S Team Is Assigned To Tracking Down And Eliminating Anyone Who Opposes King Satan While Ash Focuses On His Training, Aura S Tragic Past Family Life Finally Catches Up To Him Meanwhile, Shiva Falls For An Old Flame And Sets Into Motion Events That Lead To A Full Blown Rebel Coup That Rocks The Kingdom Let The Battle For Hell Begin.

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    The second book in the Devil Ash Saga is every bit as good as the first If you liked that you should feel no hesitation at picking this one up What I liked The trio of main characters get solid development both individually and as a group. The non main character parts of the cast are deeper this time around. A distinct focus on training, which allows for be

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    If you have read book 1, you know how weird hell can be This coming of age series has a unique story about a kidnapped human taken to hell.The continuing adventures of Ash and his team friends will keep you going and then...

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    AwesomenessThis book is awesomeness in spades I can not wait to wait to read the third one Ash is growing up and into his role I want to see what happens next.

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