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Desperate Measures Download Desperate Measures By Sara Craven Polishdarling.co.uk Had Fate Brought Them Together Philippa Roscoe Needed A Large Sum_ Of Money And She Needed It Fast Her Father S Life Depended On It Wealthy French Businessman Alain De Courcy Needed A Wife Purely For Business Reasons.Alain Was Only Too Happy To Provide Philippa With The Funds She Required In Exchange He Demanded Marriage And Not Just In Name Only There Was Little Philippa Could Do She Had To Agree To His Terms.She Hadn T Agreed To Fall Under Alain S Charismatic Spell But Could Philippa Keep Herself From Falling In Love Or Had This Marriage Of Convenience Become A Desperate Act

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Re Desperate Measures well if August 1992 was an update on therelaxed approach to love and loving in HPlandia, October 1992 is back to the old skool with a vengeance Classic HP authors use their favorite tropes this month, so gear up for lots of tart shaming, forced kisses and outright rape Huge Warning Before

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    Very typical Sara Craven plot and there s nothing wrong with that if you like it view spoiler Virgin heroine is raped blackmailed into bed forcibly seduced by the hero and then spends the majority of the book trying to lie still and think of England all while secretly wanting to let go and enjoy it She doesn t out of fear of being hurt because she loves the H and doesn t think he loves her He

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    I don t know how Sara Craven manages to make the same old plot fresh, but she does In this case, it s a MOC The hero gets respectability in the business community after rumors of his affair with a married woman The heroine gets life saving treatment for her father in the States The hero makes it clear he wants a marriage for life and he wants children So, no surprise to the reader since this is SC

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Philippa Roscoe needs money for expensive medical treatment for her father Alain de Courcy wants a wife to counter rumours of his involvement with a married woman He offers to give Philippa the money she requires in exchange for marrying him.Yes, yes, the plot is silly and clich d but I m not one to hold that against a categ

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    A story of two failing heroes A heroine who is naive and vindictive and was raped by the hero in her wedding night, and a hero who was rash and wanted to compensate Overall, it was written well, but the two characters failed to draw my sympathy.

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    Nancy 2 stars

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    The second half was good First half lost it s charm due to the heroine s immature behavior.

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