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Creating Affluence In This Remarkable Book Lies The Secret To Creating Affluence Here You Will Discover That You Are The Dancer And The Dance, The Creator And The Creation, And Unlimited Wealth Is Yours Merely For The Asking With Clear And Simple Wisdom, Deepak Chopra Explores The Full Meaning Of Wealth Consciousness And Presents A Step By Step Plan For Creating Affluence And Fulfillment On All Levels Of Our Lives According To The Author, Affluence Is Our Natural State, And The Entire Physical Universe With All Its Abundance Is The Offspring Of An Unbounded, Limitless Field Of All Possibilities Through A Series Of Simple Steps And Everyday Actions, Creating Affluence Gently Fosters The Wealth Consciousness Needed To Tap Into This Field And Create Anything You Desire.

About the Author: Deepak Chopra

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Creating Affluence book, this is one of the most wanted Deepak Chopra author readers around the world.

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    Contrary to the connotation of affluence as just wealth money this book really attempts to bring forth a consciousness awareness of allowing all types of abundance in various areas of your life Wealth being fulfillment, happiness, satisfaction balanced with the material world and goals In some res

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    This is a nice small book a mere 104 pages , and it purports to be potentially life changing Who is Deepak Chopra He s a guru of our times he s published tons of books and he s adored by countless thousands of people Why I picked up this book at the local library to find out why Deepak wants us all to be r

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    Wisdom is universal I read this book as a Christian entrepreneur, and as an independent author The principles engrained into eh DNA of this book are, at their heart, finely in tune with the principles taught by Christ The philosophy of wealth and affluence as freedom in every aspect of our lives, including finances

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    This was ok but not Chopra s best He talks about changing your mindset to realize the abundance that is already in your life and how to encourageto come I enjoyed his meditations on lovethan this.

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    The author encourages us to read this book multiple times to really absorb its teachings After a first read, I am definitely going to read this again A great book to help set a positive tone for the new year, and the remaining years of ones life Many of us are accustomed to expecting and planning for scarcity in our lives to ration

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    According to author Deepak Chopra, Affluence includes money but is not just money It is the abundance, the flow, the generosity of the universe, where every desire we have must come true, because inherent in having the desire are the mechanics for its...

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    What can I say Another great book I will read this a fewtimes Like all of these books of self empowerment one needs to read them over and over before the full message can penetrate However, Mr Chopra does a wonderful job of un complicating it.I enjoy his work

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    This book lists out the A Z steps for creating affluence The word affluence here refers to every positive things in our life not only money Each step is a passage which the author suggests the reader to read everyday till the concepts are inherited by the reader s mind.The author also takes reference from his inspirations Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Wayne Dyner

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    My psychologist recommended this book I like the idea that what we focus on creates our reality it s true that I have to focus on writing to be a successful writer , but I was distracted by the fact that the last 10% of the bo...

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    I have read most of Deepak Chopra s books They are always life affirming and give you a new perspective on life I learn something new about myself and I hope am becoming a better person Note that the title says a richer life That does ...

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