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A Reputation for Revenge I was overall pretty impressed by this novel It was emotional yet beautiful There was a few things I disliked but they didn t seem to bother me after the story was read fully So enjoyable, 4 stars 4 starsI really enjoyed this book mainly because of the heroine who was just so real She was 22 and an innocent who saw the good in people Having lost her mother, she was raised by her father who was always gone with her sister, playing poker Then her sister Bree cosseted her, now Josie s foolishness cost her sister so to make up for that she accepts the hero s proposition, marriage He ll get her land and in return he will save her sister, from his enemy, his brother.The hero adored his older brother but his drunken mistake humiliated his brother and on top of what he perceived as a betrayal by Bree the previous book Dealing her final card , he cut off his brother, cheating him The hero was all betrayed by the first woman he had been with and he became bitter, focusing the last decade on revenge.Bree s book was fine but this is so much better Josie s doesn t have that much confidence but the hero is so great with her Despite having hidden motives, he doesn t Josie, the unemployed virgin housemaid, arrives back in Honolulu to throw herself at the mercy of Prince Kasimir, the mining magnate She will marry him, and sell him a house in Alaska, if he will rescue her sister from his wicked elder brother, Prince Vladimir Why does she have to marry him before she can sell him a house Complicated will stuff.In a book that I haven t read, Prince Vladimir has very excitingly won Josie s older sister in a card game, and whisked her off to parts unknown At least, parts unknown to Josie It all sounds awesome, and made me immediately think that A Reputation for Revenge was a book about the B team.And after that I couldn t help it They are the B team, which means I spent the book thinking they weren t trying hard enough not to be Bs, or that they were trying too desperately to be As, which is something only Bs do Kasimir and Josie are the younger siblings and it s possible to put their whole deal down to petulance that they really need to outgrow right now Josie can t drive, and can t survive without her sister telling her what to do Her sunniness is lovely, but can t quite cover the occasional twinges of resentment at her sister s controlling ways Even Kasimir, who thinks she s hot and really wants in her pants all the time, points out that this is nonsense, since Josie is a 22 year old grownup This is a departure from Kasimir s policy of smarming Josie Aww this was one perfect read The heroine was adorable I was like I just wanna put you in my pocket and take you home She was naive but in a good way She had a loving, trusting heart and so she choose to believe the best about Kasimir She was completely honest about her feelings and nothing like the typical annoying Harlequin heroines that all they do is whine cause the hero doesn t pay en 4.5The second installment in The Princes Duet is a very intense read.Kasimir Vladimir s brother and sworn enemy has a perfect plan for revenge Temporarily marry Josie Bree s little sister to gain access to his ancestors land that his brother sold to Josie s father ten years ago And, to make his revenge even sweet, he ll blackmail Bree to trick Vladimir into signing his company over to him , if she wants to see her little sister again.All Josie wants is to get her sister back safe she is a sweet heroine She is no match to the very ruthless prince Kasimir Or is she She may be naive and innocent but she is not a pushover And her innocence has the power to melt the ice around Kasimir s heart Turns out, beneath the cold exterior,the ruthless prince is a big softi And I promise you, he whispered, for the rest of my life, even if I make a mistake here or there, I ll love you both with everything I ve got And if I screw up, or if we fight, I ll always be the first to say I m sorry I love Bree s story but I love this one Hero and heroine are so cute Josie was so real and I want to punch myself for not liking her in the first book The reason why I haven t read This book made me laugh so much at the beginning and I didn t hate the heroine, which is an accomplishment The hero was a softy inside a selfish bastard, but I liked him though. I loved this book It was a great second book about Russian brothers He was slowly falling for her and it was amazing how it developed I can t believe how radically I changed my mind about both the characters I thought she was naive and foolish and he was unfeeling and revengeful Not the 2.5 3 It was hard not to like the heroine She reminded me a bit of the heroine from Graham s The Spanish Groom She tended toward being a bit plump depending on your POV She was the type who d never met a stranger, had no filter, and would give her lunch to a homeless guy Kind of a Mary Sue, but so goofy that she s likeable Still, even in HP land, it was hard to buy how naive she was 22 yrs old didn t know how to drive and never been kissed.I liked the hero less so His little brother lost vengeance routine was just bordering on pathetic He seemed the cold calculating vengeful HP tycoon on the surface, but it didn t take much digging to see that he was really just trying to get his big brother s attention and respect For me that kind of knocked down his alpha status a bit The only reason their romance worked for me was that it was clear that the H was really like the heroine than the big bad wolf he d made himself into Like her, he grew up in rural Alaska and unlike his hated older brother, he had loved the simple life He wasn t the one with the ambitions of regaining the family wealth and position He had followed his brother in those things, when really all he wanted to do was be able to take care of the ones he loved and keep the family home.Technically Kasmira was a Russian Prince, but the title meant nothing beyond impressing the business world society His great grandfather had managed to smuggled his wife and child to Alaska during the Communist revolution bef PDF A Reputation For Revenge Author Jennie Lucas Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Um Jogo Muito PerigosoO Cora O De Josie Dalton Dispara Quando Ela Se Aproxima Da Imponente Cobertura Do Tem Vel Pr Ncipe Kasimir Xendzov Ainda Que Tenha Concordado Em Se Casar Com Ele Para Salvar A Irm , Ao Sentir O Brilho G Lido Do Olhar Implac Vel De Kasimir Percebe Que Ele N O Do Tipo De Homem Com Quem Se Deva Brincar A Pe A Final Do Quebra Cabe A Se Encaixou E O Pr Ncipe Finalmente Desfrutar De Sua Vingan A Com O Champanhe No Gelo E Sua Nova Esposa O Aguardando No Quarto, A Vit Ria Nunca Foi T O Doce Contudo, A Inoc Ncia De Josie Revela A Kasimir Algo Que Ele Ignorava Possuir Sua Honra

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Jennie Lucas had a tragic beginning for any would be writer a very happy childhood Her parents owned a bookstore, and she grew up surrounded by books, dreaming about faraway lands Her mother read aloud to her in French when she was little when she was ten, her father secretly paid her a dollar for every classic novel Jane Eyre, War and Peace that she read As a chubby teenager, Jennie covere

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