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Contemporary Perspectives on Masculinity: Men, Women, and Politics in Modern Society What Is Social Reality For Men In Modern Society What Maintains Or Explains This Social Reality What Condition Might We Imagine That Would Be Better For Men How Might We Achieve This Better Condition These Are The Questions Kenneth Clatterbaugh Brings To Seven Different Visions Of Men In Modern Society Considered In This Newly Updated Edition In Clear And Insightful Language, Clatterbaugh Surveys Not Just Conservative, Liberal, And Radical Views Of Masculinity, But Also The Alternatives Offered By The Men S Rights Movement, Spiritual Growth Advocates, And Black And Gay Rights Activists Each Of These Is Explored Both As A Theoretical Perspective And As A Social Movement, And Each Offers Distinctive Responses To The Questions PosedThe First Edition Of This Book Was The First To Survey The Range Of Responses To Feminism That Men Have Made As Well As The First To Put Political Theory At The Center Of Men S Awareness Of Their Own Masculinity This New Edition Adds Chapters On Recent Highly Publicized Movements Such At The Promise Keepers, Million Man March, And The Evolution Of Gay Men S Rights Clatterbaugh Treats All Views With Fairness And Timeliness As He Develops And Defends A Vision Of Men And Masculinity Consistent With Feminist Ideals And A Just Society Dated AF, but no surprise Like most textbooks , this is accurate to a point, so still retains value.You ll likely have heard and seen all of the points or arguments inside.If you re looking for new thoughts you came likely to the wrong place If you came to get a slightly better understanding of how loosely organized and defined schools or groups of thought can be categorized, you ve come to the right place. None

About the Author: Kenneth Clatterbaugh

Ken Clatterbaugh has always been interested in the dynamic interplay between religion, society, and philosophy He channelled that interest into a 46 year career as a professional philosopher, most recently at the University of Washington Over the years, he has authored a monograph on Leibniz, two editions of a book on masculinity in modern culture, and a book on causation in 17th century philosophy Now retired, Ken believes that people learn best by thinking carefully about the reasons they cherish certain ideas and by never forgetting to find the humor around them Ken and his wife Linda live in Port Townsend, WA, a seaport, artist community, and shipbuilding town located on the Quimper Peninsula They share their home with a sometimes loving, often cranky cat named Sidney and the ghosts of many dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and a cockatiel, all of whom lived to a ripe old age and made Ken and Linda laugh and cry The Freedom of Will is Ken s first novel.

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