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Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista Cassie Cavanagh Has A Great Job, A Great Boyfriend And Earns Enough Money To Keep Her In Shiny New Shoes And Fabulous Clothes What Cassie Doesn T Reckon On Is Being Sacked From Her Job Due To The Recession Not Only That But Her Boyfriend Dumps Her For An Older Woman Cassie Also Seems To Be Spiralling Into Debt And Is Forced To Listen To Flatmate Jude S Advice On Money Can Cassie Claw Her Way Out Of The Recession And Stop Spending Money

About the Author: Amy Silver

Amy Silver is the pen name of Paula Hawkins, a writer and freelance journalist who has written on everything from the diamond trade to DIY dog grooming She lives in London and has a penchant for vintage clothes and champagne cocktails, but she always pays her credit card bills on time Paula Hawkins has just published the new suspense sensation The Girl on the Train under her own name.

10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista

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    A surprisingly easy to read book although the end disappoints slightly.

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    Loved thisI loved Cassie, she was so funny and normal even if she did spend masses of money on stuff she didn t really need I loved reading about her latest trials and tribulations.

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    Devo dire che questo libro non mi piaciuto quasi per nulla.Il suo unico pregio quello di essere una lettura molto veloce e scorrevole, di quelle che vanno via in poche ore la sera quando non hai altro da fare, perch per il resto fa acqua da tutte le parti.Il problema principale la trama, che il libro proprio non ha mai visto in questo romanzo non succede nulla Cassie perde il lavoro, il fidanzato e allora capisce cio le fanno capire che deve cambiare vita E inizia a provarci ben o Devo dire che questo libro non m

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    Cassie Cavanagh has a great job, a great boyfriend and earns enough money to keep her in shiny new shoes and fabulous clothes What Cassie doesn t reckon on is being sacked from her job due to the recession Not only that but her boyfriend dumps her for an older woman Cassie also seems to be spiralling into debt and is forced to listen to flatmate Jude s advice on money Can Cassie claw her way out of the recession and stop spending money When I first heart about Confessions Of A Reluctant Rece Cassie Cavanagh has a great

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    Cassie Cavanagh is pretty happy She s got a good job as a PA that keeps her in designer shoes and a nice flat, a great boyfriend and great friends too But Cassie soon finds herself made redundant from the job with a huge credit card debt oh and her boyfriend has dumped her as well.Together with her flatmate xx, Cassie has to learn to live on a budget for the first time in her life, and stick to it But Cassie isn t used to not picking out what she wants in a shop, or buying a new outfit just Cassie Cavanagh is pretty happy Sh

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    Review This book had the potential to be brilliant, but I did feel a little let down, particularly at the end It ended so suddenly and without any warning it didn t feel like the end, but the beginning of another chapter I turned the last page and wondered if someone had ripped the last chapter out Aside from that, it wasn t bad, but it did need someaction, rather than repetition of the same things The characters could have used a littlepadding out, because at times it seemed Review This book had the potential to be brilliant, but

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    Whether it s because I have been through the redundancy thing I don t know but I thoroughly enjoyed this book Cassie s life is a world away from mine but that didn t stop me cheering her on from the sidelines Being sidelined by work and then your boyfriend is no fun but when they both happen within days of each other Cassie does the only thing she knows how she spends, and spends and shops someuntil her flatmate and her best friend stage an intervention.There were some genuinely funny Whether it s because I have been through the redunda

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    Come al solito, ho preso l abitudine ben studiata e ormai di grande successo di dare il via alle mie letture del mese con qualcosa di fresco, leggero e di poche pretese Ho notato che, com giusto e normale che sia, riesco a digerire libri di questo tipo con pochissimi sforzi e ci m invoglia inoltre a dedicarmi per il resto del tempo in cose anche solo un minimo pi impegnative Il che mi rende sempre immensamente felice.Tutta colpa del tacco 12 non si dimostrato da meno, riuscendo a pre Come al solito, ho preso l abitudine ben studiata e ormai d

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    I took a liking to Cassie and as a result I enjoyed the book I really wanted her to succeed and show everybody who had turned out to be fair weather friend that she had moved on successfully Must admit I was a little let down by the ending, I wantedBut generally a good story and an enjoyable book.

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    Nice easy book to read No hard storyline to follow and a bit predictable but on occasions, it s nice to read an uncomplicated book and this fits the bill perfectly Similar in storyline and style to the Shopaholic series.

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