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Communal Nude I Read And Wrote To Invoke What Seemed Impossible Relation Itself In Order To Take Part In A World That Ceaselessly Makes Itself Up, To Wake Up To The World, To Recognize The World, To Be Convinced That The World Exists, To Take Revenge On The World For Not Existing From Communal NudeSince Cofounding San Francisco S Influential New Narrative Circle In 1979, Robert Gl Ck Has Been One Of America S Finest Prose Stylists Of Innovative Fiction, Bending Narrative Into The Service Of Autobiography, Politics, And Gay Writing This Collection Brings Together For The First Time Gl Ck S Nonfiction, A Revelatory Body Of Work That Anchors His Writing Practice Gl Ck S Essays Explore The Ways That Storytelling And Selfhood Are Mutually Embedded Cultural Forms, Cohering A Fractured Social Reality Where Generating Narrative Means Generating Identity Means Generating Community I D Laugh At Make Art From Any Version Of Self, Gl Ck Writes, I Write About These Forms That Are Myself To Dispense With Them, To Demonstrate How They Disintegrate Before The World, The Body For Any Body Or Text To Know Itself, It Must First See How It Sees The World, And Understand Itself As Writing.Gl Ck S Essays Affirm This Radical Narratorial Precept In Rich Spirals Of Reading, Self Reflection, Anecdote, Escapade, And Metatext These Texts Span The Author S Career And His Creative Affinities From Lost Manifestos Theorizing The Poetics Of New Narrative To Encomia For Literary And Philosophic Muses Kathy Acker, The HOW Ever Poets, Frank O Hara, Georges Bataille, And Others To Narrative Journalism, Book Reviews, Criticism, And Public Talks Many Of The Texts Are Culled From Obscure Little Magazines And Ephemeral Online Sources Others Have Never Been Published As Lucid As Story, As Lush As Theory, And As Irresistible As Gossip, Gl Ck S Essays Are The Quintessence Of New Narrative Theory In Practice.

About the Author: Robert Glück

Born in Cleveland, poet, fiction writer, editor, and New Narrative theorist Robert Gl ck grew up there and in Los Angeles He was educated at the University of California, Los Angeles, the University of Edinburgh, the College of Art in Edinburgh, and the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a BA He also studied writing in New York City workshops with poet Ted Berrigan and earned an

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    I have been reading and re reading parts of this book for 2,5 years now it is my go to in any situation, in any mood Finally I have read the parts I skipped and did another round of re reading This is one of the most important books, maybe the most important, for me, my writing and my thinking.

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    Bob Gluck loves gossip and so do I Bob Gluck loves Kathy Ack and so do I Bob Gluck loves Bataille and I guess that s his right.

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    Robert Gl ck is a poet and fiction writer in the San Francisco Bay area, one of the smartest people I ve every met I m grateful to Semiotext e for publishing a collection of his essays While reading anthologies is never quite the same as reading a longer, continuous work, Gl ck s essays are genuinely engaging, sharp as a W sthof chef

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    Robert Gluck is a foundational writer in LGBT literature This nonfiction collection is a great over view of his life and also of his social and formal interests.

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