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Colby Core After Years In Captivity, Waiting For A Rescuer Who Never Came, Tessa Woods Meets A Mysterious Stranger Who S Determined To Help Bring Down A Human Trafficking Ring And Save The Other Victimsincluding Her Child But Can She Put All Her Dreams Of A Merry Christmas Into The Hands Of A Handsome Agent Colby Agent Riley Porter Thinks Being A Former SEAL Has Prepared Him For Anything When He Goes Undercover To Find Tessa, He Doesn T Expect His Professional Mission To Become Personal Yet Caring For The Brave, Passionate Woman Who S Ready To Risk Her Life To End An Evil Cycle Is Far Beyond His Control As The Danger Escalates, Riley Must Convince Tessa To Do The Impossible For Their Own Survival Trust Him To Protect Her

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    The name of this book should have been named count down Riley was on a mission to save children that had been kidnapped as part of a human trafficking ring He pretended to be a new member of the master s staff The master sent him on a mission to see if he could trust him Before Riley and Tessa left, a ring was

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    A nice little bit of fluff, and the second half of a christmas two parter Riley Porter is a Colby Agency operative trying to infiltrate the child abduction ring uncovered in the previous volume Tessa Wood is a young woman in the organization who had been abducted as a teenager, but The Master decided to keep her for reas

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    Started outlike 2.5, due to realism issues, but the ending saved it for me to make it 3.Quick, simple read to pass some time, though I didn t buy the main female character at all Putting myself in her place heaven forbid , I don t know if anything she did rang true, except possibly the climax, as who really thinks about how hot th

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    i love t he way you had them together and you are great author and i hope to be able to readof the seriesand then the people were great in the book very exciting and differnt i love a great christmas bool

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    Satisfying story.

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    This was one of the better Harlequin novels I liked the story behind it, however sad it was I wish there wasof an epilogue along the lines of Tessa and Riley possibly starting a family or a scene with Sophie Something cutesy.

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    Miniseries Colby Agency Christmas Miracles

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    Miniseries Colby Agency Christmas Miracles

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    It served its purpose A quick read that didn t ask too much of the reader Pretty much what I needed today.

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