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Code of Conduct (Scot Harvath, #14) Hidden Deep Within One Of The World S Most Powerful Organizations Is A Secret Committee With A Devastating Agenda Its Members Are Afforded Incredible Protections Considered Elites, UntouchablesBut When Four Seconds Of Video Is Captured Halfway Around The World And Anonymously Transmitted To DC Covert Wheels Are Set In Motion, And Counterterrorism Operative Scot Harvath Is Tapped To Undertake The Deadliest Assignment Of His CareerWhat Begins As A Favor Will Evolve Into A Globe Spanning Drama Of Highly Personal Stakes Played Out Against A Backdrop Of Stunning International Intrigue, Duplicitous Political Gamesmanship, And The Darkest, Most Clandestine Fears Of The Espionage WorldWith Razor Sharp Plotting, Richly Rendered Characters, And Heart Stopping Surprises On Every Page, Thor Isn T Just At The Top Of His Game He Owns The Entire Genre

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    Most of the other people reviewing this book really enjoyed it I just found it very long winded in explaining everything and confusing Very preachy about God and country, too Some kind of negative agenda with the UN, too, that wasn t clear I do like these kind of books normally, but didn t work for me.However it s 14 in the series, and maybe I

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    One word kept going through his mind It started with F and rhymed with truck As a reader, one was going through mine too, it starts with S and rhymes with grit.The narrative here is all over the place as per my example above The full F word is used a number of times in the books, so why the occasional reference as if you were speaking to an eight y

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    The worth of a culture, in his opinion, could be boiled down to one thing how well that culture took care of its weakest members, particularly its women and childrenGreat societal commentary from Brad Thor, early in the 14th Scot Harvath novel Dispatched by the Old Man to determine why a village and mobile hospital were torched, Scot battles African wa

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    Thor returns with his fourteenth Scot Harvath novel, tackling an angle readers have yet to see in the rough and tumble former Navy Seal After an anonymous video makes its way to America, what is depicted is nothing short of devastating An entire African village destroyed by fire, purposely torched for reasons unknown Harvath is dispatched as a favour, findin

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    It s always interesting to see what political hot buttons will set author Brad Thor on a conservative roll in his books featuring counter terrorism operative Scot Harvath this is the 15th in the series Sure enough, expressed mostly through Harvath s musings, he hits a bunch of them here, ranging from the United Nations and CIA to the government s penchant for spy

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    What did I just read Was that seriously written by Brad Thor Usually with these types of books, political thrillers , I do not weigh in on the character development, or the author s writing style, or how believable the plot is It usually boils down to was I entertained With Code of Conduct, I couldn t get past how disjointed ...

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    My first Brad Thor book and I really enjoyed it I found it to be well written and quite realistic in its description of firearms and special ops tactics and I m a real perfectionist when it comes to accuracy in these areas Very compelling story, very readable, a real page turner Now I ...

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    This was a very good political thriller Thor is an excellent story teller and this book reestablishes his skill but I do have concerns I criticized his last couple of books for allowing his personal politics to seep into the speeches of his characters As far as I was concerned this book was a make it or break it challenge to my continuing my readership It seems that there iswri

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    In Code of Conduct ex Navy SEAL Scot Harvath is sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo to learn what happened to a WHO health clinic..He and his team discover that the health clinic is empty but has been sanitized Further investigation shows that there had been a blood bath They search the area and come upon a father and his blind son and learn what transpired.In a linked story, w

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    The idea of an ebola threat is, literally, yesterday s news by now Was it really just last year that we were all worried that disease was gonna spread throughout the country and kill us all But trust Brad Thor to come up with a way to make it hit home once again, in a way that I m pretty reasonably sure could never have happened for real Seriously, Mr Thor s got a talent for subjecting t

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