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Code Blue: A Clever Suspense Political Novel (Romance, Action, Thriller, Mystery) Could Israel Become A Theocratic Military Dictatorship A Novel That Could Be Tomorrow S News They Really Had Nothing In Common Rinat Was Divorc E, Atheist And Liberal Woman Gavroche Was A Married And Religious Man Fate Put Them On Two Ends Of A Divided Society They Fell In Love And Found Themselves At The Opposite Poles Of A Military Coup The Surprising And Complicated Plot Describe A Small But Determined Minority Succeeded In Changing The Character Of The Entire Country The Story Takes Place In Contemporary Israel, Which Is Deeply Divided By The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Along With It, No Country Is Really Immune Against The Domination Of Extremist Elements The Resemblance To The United States Today Is FrighteningThe Question That Everyone Should Ask Himself Can This Happen HereZvika Amit Describes The Process Of Transforming Israel From A Democracy Into A Theocratic, Fascist State As Written, This Is A Reasonable, Credible And Convincing Scenario Frightening For Anyone Living In Any Democratic SocietyBestseller That Aroused Vigor Public DebateGrab Your Copy Of Code Blue Now

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    First, I would like to address an inaccuracy in the GR description The coup wasn t violent It was virtually bloodless due to the network of key supporters in the Israeli military.Gavrush, the main protagonist, illustrates the dangers of West Bank settlement expansion He is a relatively moderate West Bank settler comp

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    Its hard to read a book and feel like the story is unfolding right before ones naked eye, and the author of Code Blue, Zvika Amit has the gift of making this happen Written in a very clear and beautiful English, this thriller features well sculpted characters and a dazzlingly beautiful plot Israel is under dictatorship and its

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    A political thriller usually comes with a promise of conspiracies and action that can keep a reader engaged through out.Code Blue is set in Israel where there is a conspiracy to bring down the current government When the cabal takes control, our protagonists are in the dang middle of it all On one hand we have Gavrush, a West Bank settl

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    The book has a very interesting theme but my kindle version in English was not edited and had many errors in punctuation and sentence structure I had to force myself to finish it for my book club Several others members had the same issues I only managed to keep up with the two main characters There were way too many characters and organizations t

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    Thought provoking.It is a story that shows what could possibly happen in the Middle East It uses the history of both sides and the new fanaticism that can be seen in some of those involved I like that the writer showed that there are good and bad people in all types of religion This also brings to mind if we don t learn to talk and understand our differenc

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    I managed to read the entire book I suspect but do not know if this book was translated from a Hebrew version If it was, it was not properly edited afterwards and if it wasn t shame on whomever should have edited the book Plus there were so many Hebrew words that I didn t know, I would stop and have my kindle give me the meaning Sure did interrupt the flow of the bo

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    OMG This was such an incredible book It s difficult to give an accurate account because there was so many events going on I d suggest you read it yourself to get the fully awesome experience A

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    Gavrush is a solid Jew, deeply in league with those who want to preserve the Jewish state So how could he reconcile his mistress, Rinat, who is a leftist ideologue who sympathizes with the Palestinians And can he really go along with the coup to oust the current Prime Minister Code Blue imagines how Israel could quickly transform from the only democracy in the Middle East to a theocrat

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