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Clean Cuisine: An 8-Week Anti-Inflammatory Diet that Will Change the Way You Age, Look & Feel What You Eat Matters Than How Much You Eat There Is A Diet And Exercise Plan That Covers All The Bases Food We Should Eat And Food That Tastes Good What Is Best For Our Bodies And What Is Easily Doable In The Real World All While Offering Hunger Free Weight Loss Developed By Andrew Larson, MD And Certified Heath Fitness Specialist Ivy Larson, Clean Cuisine Is Scientifically Proven To Reverse Diabetes, Improve Cholesterol And Blood Pressure, And Ease The Symptoms Of Other Inflammatory Diseases Such As Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Allergies, And Arthritis Broken Down Into Eight Easy Steps And Spread Over The Course Of Eight Weeks, Clean Cuisine Will Enable Readers To Transform Their Bodies One Delicious Meal At A Time By Adopting An Anti Inflammatory Diet And Choosing Unrefined Foods In Their Most Natural, Whole State With Guilt Free, Delicious Recipes And A Workout Program That Has Been Proven To Deliver Substantial Results With Just Three Minute Sessions A Week, Clean Cuisine Is The Long Term Answer To Eating For Optimal Health, Disease Prevention, Weight Loss, Vitality, Longevity, And Good Taste

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    I was already a strong proponent of real, whole foods before opening this book, but I was interested in the clean eating approach and the anti inflammatory diet because of some digestive issues I ve been fighting for a couple of years I m only weeks into following the guidelines in this book, and it will likely be a few months before I know if this approach is the answer for me so I can

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    I am of two minds about this book it had some good content but yet had some major failings.The Good strong nutritional content, some good recipes I especially liked the salad dressings and a well structured overview of health principles For someone just starting on lifestyle improvements, this would be a great guide I personally appreciated the reminders of the nutritional value of flax,

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    This is a great book It mixes heavy nutrition with anecdote and recipes and exercise but everything is at a deep level If you read this book, you can t help but get a very solid understanding of nutrition The book advocates that some animal products are okay I am vegan but helps you to understand how to use animal products in a way that supports health my hubby and son are voracious carni

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    I read this in entirety, but it was skimming It was overwhelming instead of useful at 500 pages of tiny print Way too much detail completely turned me off Despite or perhaps because of that, I didn t learn anything new Not any recipe photos, just a few photos of workout routines that everyone knows The exercise stuff was a weird add on at the end And again my complaint about how this book

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    Skimmed through Part 1, which makes the case for eating whole vs processed foods Nothing really new here Part 2 offers a good review of which carbs, fats and proteins to include in your diet Check Part 3 unveils the 8 week program best part of this are the quick prep tips and a 30 minute full fitness fusion exercise program you can do at home Not bad Part 4 the reason I bought the book has

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    This is a very interesting and informative book One big complaint is that its difficult to go back and find certain things I took some notes and there is a large recipe collection Some very foreign ingredients which I always struggle with I have already started lookingclosely at what I eat,than ever before I ve made 2 trips to Natural health food stores Soaked some raw nuts and seeds, which

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    There are some recipes I ve tried, and liked the black berry smoothie, andI plan to try this week I m on another phase diet antiestrogen that can use these recipes to enforce it.I ll try the vegetarian chili and tweak it a bit.Other stuff quite familiar with Plan to do the stretches and yoga moves in the book.

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    Great information with references to further research their statements Easy to understand explanations and practical approach to healthy eating and living The program seems very reasonable and acknowledges that we as humans like our treats and extreme plans don t work out I loved that they also included exercise as part of their program.

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    Loved the content and the fact that one of the authors has the same auto immune disease that I have , but when it comes to a book about changing the way you eat, I m lazy and just want a bullet point list with what, how, and why Great recipes in back.

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    Technically, I only read half of this book the other half is recipes and workouts This was okay I learned a few things but was mostly annoyed by how corny, PRETENTIOUS, repetitive and information overloading it could be.

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