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Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy Gratitude Is A Choice If We Fail To Chose It, By Default We Choose Ingratitude And Once Allowed Into The Heart, Ingratitude Does Not Come By Itself, But With Other Seedy Companions That Only Succeed In Stealing JoyDerived From A Popular Revive Our Hearts Radio Series, Choosing Gratitude Your Journey To Joy Challenges And Equips The Reader To Live A Life Of Intention, A Life Based On Thankfulness For The Freedom Christ Has Provided And For The Blessings Of OthersBy Intentionally Thanking God And Others, Bitterness And Entitlement Are Replaced With Joy And The Humble Realization Of Just How Undeserving We Really Are To Not Choose Gratitude Is Costly Than We Usually Realize When We Do Choose A Lifestyle Of Heartfelt, Humble Gratitude, We Are Mindful Of The Benefits Received From Our Gracious Savior And Those He Has Placed Around Us, And Our Joy Becomes Full Includes A Bonus Day Plan Of Journaling, Prayer, And Activities To Help The Reader On Her Path To Joy

About the Author: Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth also known as Nancy Leigh DeMoss is the host and teacher for Revive Our Hearts and Seeking Him, two nationally syndicated programs heard each weekday on over 1,000 radio stations She is a mentor and spiritual mother to thousands of women and a leader of the True Woman movement.

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    Is the gratitude that flows out of your life as abundant as the grace that flows into your life This question, posed on the back cover, is the perfect way to sum up this book Nancy Leigh Demoss shares why our life should be full of gratitude and how we can have that kind of depth in our life We can trade in our whine for worship When we accept the grace of God in o

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    Reading Choosing Gratitude Your Journey to Joy was quite an eye opening experience for me And, an emotional one I criedA LOT I ve made it no secret that I m most likely THE most emotional person you could ever meet I think this book may have set a record for just HOW much it made me cry, though.It was hard for me to realize just how UNGRATEFUL I really am Not long af

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    Warm, light, sweet I was helped by it Thankfulness is an essential piece of how to handle suffering

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    Is the gratitude that flows out of your life as abundant as the grace that flows into your life This question is on the back of this book, and it so rightfully sums up this book Nancy DeMoss looks at what it means to be a grateful person and why it matters much deeper than we usually think about gratefulness.Choosing Gratitude takes being grateful and thankful to a whole

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    I won t say that this book changed my life, but it certainly changed my attitude in the midst of a tough situation at work.

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    What a great book on gratitude Definitely opened my eyes to many areas of my life where I was needing to be grateful and instead was complaining Would make a great group Bible study, I think

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    Whoa, if you need a kick in the bootie to get over yourself, pick this one upIt is heavy on application and illustrative stories but makes for an easy read.

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    Is the gratitude that flows out of your life as abundant as the grace that flows into your life You may think of yourself as a pretty grateful person, I know I did I am one of the most thankful people for all the blessings the Lord heaps upon me But what about the hard times What about the lessons and trials of life which are sent by God As I force myself to realize, being grate

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    What a treasure of a find this little volume turned out to be It is hands down the most biblical, most gospel rich treatment of gratitude I have read There are gems of biblical insight and practical applications to be plucked from every chapter I will be forever in the debt of Nancy DeMoss, and the best way I know to repay it is to recommend Choosing Gratitude to you First, don t

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    Honestly, I wasn t very excited to read Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, but I agreed to review it for Moody Publishers Wow Was I surprised This book held so muchthan I was expecting Author DeMoss states that gratitude is not merely a second tier virtue in the Christian life it is vital At first I was doubtful, but by the end of the book, I agreed This Christian gratitude r

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