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Cheater blah blahI don t usually write bad reviews but this is the third book in this series and it was predictable All three books should have been just one I guess this write just isn t for me, but, that s saying just my preference Tiffany and Ed pull out all the stops Heated passion and a large cock had been missing from Dale and Tiff s marriage, but it was there now with a vengeance Tiff is teased and left hanging, only to find a new use for vegetables yummy Then, with Tiff vibrating on the washing machine and Ed munching on her, they are caught red handed by Dale Tiffany finds out what happens when she is bad a spanking is just the start, as she is used and abused by both men Ed finally gets a job and moves out, but he comes back to read Fifty Shades and gets ideas. Ed And Tiffany Can T Control Themselves Around Each Other Any Longer Their Lust For One Another Is Unstoppable, And Sooner Or Later They Re Going To Get Caught But If Tiffany Is Lucky, One Of Her Greatest Fantasies Just Might Come True In The ProcessThis Is Part Of The Cheater Series Guilty Stolen CaughtDownload And Get Your Satisfaction Now Cheating, Cuckold, Light BDSM, Domination, Submission, Spanking, Married Woman, Friend, Double Penetration, Threesome

About the Author: Jamie Fuchs

Jamie was born and raised on a farm in Canada After leaving for college she quickly grew out of her conservative upbringing and became enthralled in a world of sex Now she lives a very relaxed lifestyle, working various jobs as she travels around In her free time she enjoys the smaller things in life, like a good cup of tea.Oh, and of course she loves to write dirty stories

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